Trading Currency

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Whip, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Could we consider introducing a separate traders currency (i.e. blood money) which we can use to trade with instead of charms? Trying to add up CS all the time is effort and a waste of time.

    Suggestion: introduce an NPC that buys your charms for 1 BM per CS then from there you can trade that BM with other players for charms etc as current trading works?
  2. Yes, ATA is 100% working on this right now.
  3. ay tony, did you collect the blood money
  4. But how do you acquire these is the thing. Do they hand everyone X amount at start? Do you buy them with gold? Charms? Nobs? It’s not easy to implement. Especially since they will likely not have any stats and will be useless. Unless you can trade Silver bars which may work but would be useless... would need to be gold bars to be of any significance....

    But then again who would buy gold bars? The problem is having the currency you want hold any real value that would encourage people to use it over charms... unless you ban charm trading all together which seems like an odd decision.
  5. He stated you acquire them via trading charms to NPC
  6. Problem is you rarely have exactly 1bcs, unless he'd like them to shave off a few mcs, then this might work. Devs won't support increasing charm values to round up to 1bcs, as that is seriously open to abuse. Furthermore this would make current charms less colourful.
  7. Hence the need for a trade currency, exchange charms with NPC until you have 1,027,849,362 BM then trade 1,000,000,000 of that to the player you’ve agreed a 1B trade with, that currency then stays in the game. Sure, once enough currency is in the game the NPC will be effectively redundant but at least then we can have accurate and fast trading, agree a price, enter, done. Instead of agree a price, piss about with a calculator for 30 mins trying to get the right charm combination, scroll through countless pages of charms to enter them to trade window
  8. Instead we could just ask them to implement a built in auction house system. Players could post their charms/furniture and it can have a search function. I think that gold bars would work for currency and would be a great gold sink with player receiving them and selling them. I don’t know, that’s my 2 cents