Trading? Charms?

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  1. I just started the game this week and the world chat is blowing up with trade offers. I see what I think is an amazing deal for "item x" at 3mil and I'm hitting them up on their wall only to find out they mean charms, not gold. What are charms? Is there an example of one I can see on someone's page?
  2. Not sure if trolling, but if you are, I’ll take the high quality bait.

    Charms are essentially old equipment that you no longer need that you transmute into a permanent stat bonus. They are stored in your showcase. Select showcase, then change the tab from “All” to “Charms.”

  3. You can transmute your unused equipment into charms by using the mage. Go to market, then mage and swipe right.

    The pricing, eg 3m or 3mcs, means they want to sell the item for charms that amount to 3 million combined stats in bonuses.
  4. Thank you. Don't know if I should take the trolling comment as a complement lol.
  5. Tried to swipe right at mage, doesn’t work.
  6. Swipe where the little paragraph is under your aqua and inferno amounts
  7. I tried. It doesn’t work. Left to right. Right to left. You can pull down thought