Trading have ally for sale post here

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by *l-Backinblack-l (01), Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Buy my allies
  2. Buy my allie
  3. Check em out. All great stats for the price :)
  4. To the kawmmunity

    I have a reset bomb(alt) that I only use to reset on who strips me.I recently reset and now I'm trying to bump his value up.

    You might say "why not tell your friends, you are just trying to scam someone" well believe it or not all most my friends and volley partners are in osw or left kaw 'defiant the best volley partner I had'

    Every other day I try to ask in wc but f*** no one wants to volley so if anyone here wants to help me volley my reset bomb plz follow/wall me.

    You will only make about 2b in a few seconds
  5. Looking to sell 3 million cs for 111 billion. Thank you. Its name us N1ghtmarez
  6. Ally for sale plz hire need the money
  7. One allie, 21b 200k cs stats . Is active, did the follow and wall test - For sale!
  8. Ally for sale last one
  9. Lots of cheap Pro Pack allies with good stats for sale(2bil to 9bil). Also have a transferring GH with great equips for his size and to top it all off he has a few towers. Thanx
  10. Jaguar1217 - 26bill -250k CS -active (check his EB history- for sale.
  11. Elisagem for sale here. 73B Active & growing.
  12. Check out My ally devaney_-
    Feel free to pm.
  13. all my allies good picks active and undervalued - if you've got the lolly feel free to purchase
  14. Jobel444 active 10.5m cs attack build 568B
  15. Two 597b allies here, 13m cs both and active, have a look :)
  16. Ally SALE!
    top end have stats and good buy!
    ALL must GO!
  17. Hire borditueur, 20 bil and active growing :)
  18. My shop always open..:D
  19. Feel free to buy my allies