Trading have ally for sale post here

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  1. 1 ally here. Come take him, decent stats
  2. Yeaaaaah !!!! i have an allie !!!! :D just give it an hire !!! and make us happy :p pls ? Its only looks like its inactive… he isn't dear … 
  3. Selling my allies. All around 13bil. New players after volley. Most of them are in clans.
    DD'S ALLY SHOP 6bill
  6. All mine for sale
  7. Ghosta is for sale
  8. Allies looking to be clearancedgreat stats6bill and
  9. Please buy all mine as I need to upgrade 
  10. Ladybugjen
    Active 404b hansel.
  11. I have a few 7b
  12. Someone please buy crazy420 214b attack build over 5mcs trying to get to hf selling him will do it
  13. Sit This was a mistake but I have an active warrer/semi farmer I think. The-gladiator300 80-90bil. Thanks
  14. Looking for someone to help me reach hf by buying my 214b active attack build crazy420
  15. Allies for sale!
  16. Infinateallie 100bil gh and really needs hidin please as my friend needs hiring thx why can't I spell lol
  17. Help support the fight against zaft/wdgaf. Buy an ally :)
  18. __Ba1Dh3AdEd__Y0gurt_SIiNg3R_
    NEW STOCK DAILY 
  19. Hire all mine!
    30-90 bil' hire and get wall art