Trading have ally for sale post here

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  1. Tophat267. 113 bil. Active and growing
  2. Allies are always for sale, thats how I got them 25bil-1.3T
  3. speaking of allies! you should hire me! active growing guild hansel. I wont let you down! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  4. EmeraldStar 23 billion and active. nightmare985 18 billion and active.
  5. 12B 220k cs active for sale. Swamijji is the name. But if you have game :p
  6. My alt 'Spying on you'

    756k CS

  7. ^you won't get much better stats for 22b!
  8. Got 2 good underpriced allies , about 144b kidonice and peterpauper.
  9. Sir_azure 1bil, inactive, 0cs -> i have nood need for him ;)
  10. Defective_SS active 63b attack build 1.2m cs please take off my hands <3 :D
  11. All my allies, good stats for there price.
  12. Is he active Journey?
  13. Active ally right here! Badutos only 65b with 1.1M CS and pro packs.
  14. I bet like none of the allies being posted here are selling xD everybody just wants there's allies gone for new lands and no one wants to buy lol
  15. Selling allies between 475 mil - 500 mil and 950 mil - 1 bil inclusively.

    Great for buying allies at even prices and getting to max plunder!
  16. For example you can buy one if my allies and check if at max plunder. If not at max plunder, just buy another one and repeat.
  17. Allies for sale ranging from 100 mil to 4.6 bil