Traders Tokens

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Chloe, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Can these please be updated without them being used for banners they are utterly useless. I don’t need crestplates for any lands and I definitely don’t need aqua or inferno. Without a use and the continued push of them being a significant reward for some baffling reason. To even get 100 DM tokens it is 1200 Traders you only get that from pretty much doing ALL of the mini legends in an event but even then 100 DM does nothing. So now I embrace the it’s good for the little people comments but something new needs to be implemented or any legend is useless besides the main for a large portion of players but apperently traders are the only rewards we need. Yay...
  2. That hurt my eyes, but I agree, something more, but make it limited to bigger people. I grew 250mcs from one event due to the AM plate thingies, too op for my liking, if I'm being honest

    But does help smalls grow hella fast
  3. Would you rather go back to the random idols? Traders tokens are much better than 200 wolf idols. I understand what your saying OP but you can still buy xtals. I realize they give them away in troves anymore but you still have a viable option if you don’t want tokens, Aqua or inferno
  4. If u don’t need crests to upgrade lands save them up and u get insane amounts of gold from selling deepmine buildings u use crestplates for. So much versatility to these trader tokens. Building upgrades, aqua/inferno, gold. Main things in the game.
  5. OP is too worried about how it effects her right now. If everyone had traders tokens, but her, and were making loot off rebuilding deepmines or they released levels 10-20 she would be HEATED. Don’t be selfish, that’s literally more free gold on top of what you are already generating. What more do you want? You won the game already, lol go war