Traders Tokens - Can they be used to buy anything?

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  1. Have a lot of Traders Tokens and wondering if they can be used to buy anything? If somebody knows how to use these it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. They are currently fixing it. Some glitch at the start of this event led to abuse.
  3. +1

    We hope to have this fixed very soon!
  4. Give that man a cookie

    I'm ready to buy more aqua :lol:
  5. I say that everyone (minus the 5 from last event) get 2 land tokens for compensation!!!
  6. Can’t even fix my build and sell buildings because of the glitch too
  7. Have pacience. They’ll have a fix soon.
  8. Kezzer guessed theyll be back today so bcos he has a green name Id trust that
  9. what happened to crestplates not in market traders tokens to spend cmon devs fix plz
  10. The crestplates should be back in the marketplace now. We'll have aqua and inferno coming out tomorrow and hope to put back razing buildings in tomorrow as well if everything looks good.
  11. Mine are not working it's saying can't be purchased and it's buy them with gold not trader tokens any help I uninstalled still nothing :(
  12. You need the latest version
  13. Working OK on iPad & iPhone but not showing up on Android device! There is just a Test Crestplate for 1 Trader Token and when I tried to purchase that thinking it would unlock the others I got an error message! Error said, 'int' object is not iterable. WTF! Please fix this for us Android device users!
  14. Odd... The test crestplate was removed and it should be working fine on Android. Try updating the app
  15. Yeah that seems like a caching issue. If it still persists, trying clearing your cache.
  16. It's fine on android
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