Trader Tokens

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  1. Is doing ebs the only way to obtain trader tokens. Not really sure how this works, trading trader tokens to get more crest plates.
    Any information on this subject will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Trader tokens drop from legends and chests. You can use them to buy sky tokens to upgrade the banners from this event (two different banners, they form by collecting 50 of either volana or trader medallions), crestplates, xtals, or elements. The amount of tokens it costs for each bundle is displayed on the image thumbnail, and viewing the item description will also tell you (it also shows how many of each item you'll be buying).
  3. You will have to buy nobs to open chests in order to get enough trader tokens if you’ve bought anything with tokens already.

  4. I believe you answered the question in the first part of you're paragraph there sport.
    To the OP beater start trading all your charms and start buying some noobs for the banners.
  5. Anyone know if i can sell my continentals back and get the traders or do i just get gold. Bought 28 but wont reach 50 so id rather get deepmine plates.
  6. Already buy 50 continatel b4 side event!!!!
    N i have extra 43 but legend show only 7
  7. If you have enough trade tokens to buy 10, and you try to buy 20, you'll get 10 'real' sky tokens and 10 sky tokens under def pots that don't have any function. Only the ones in your showcase, paid for with trade tokens, are real/able to be used.
  8. My banner +5 its mean i already buy 81 token right? But legends show i only buy 7.
  9. Did you buy the tokens after that part of the legend started? If not, yeah it doesn't count. Gotta buy them after starting each legend tier. Dunno why, but that's how those legends worked for me
  10. Ya i did buy b4 i got the banner. Can this token be tread?
  11. You can write a support ticket for more details, but you don't have enough tokens.