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  1. Hey Everyone.

    So for the longest time I have wanted some type of trade market in the game. A place where you can go and trade things with other players, such as extra scrolls, unwanted equip etc. I know I have tons of extra scrolls and equipment that I do not need or use, so why not get something that I want!!

    Ways to trade:

    1: sell/auction your equipment or scrolls off to the highest bidder, trade market would be open to all members of kaw that have something they are willing to get rid of.

    2: Fair trade decided amoungst the two individuals.

    Just wanted to throw the idea out there and see if I'm way out to lunch or other people agree with me.
  2. Make alt, get hooves, put hooves for sale for 5t, buy hooves for 5t with main, alt has 5t.

    Non supporte
  3. No support
  4. Agree with that, but the main couldnt buy a piece of equipment that he/she already has. Just like you can not win a second pair of grieves from en epic battle.
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  6. Sounds good idea, maybe needs a bit of tweaking but would clean up Mage and inventory a lot.

  7. Sell hooves to alt for 1b, buy hooves from alt for 5t
  8. Support but it must have fair prices though...
  9. 

  10. Rekd
  11. Or add tax when an ally sales
  12. A bazaar would be great, problem is like all good and well intended ideas is that they are doa because of alt abuse. Either you just say the heck with it and implement it anyways, get rid of alts or just keep an outdated style of game keep getting stale cuz of the constant alt exploits
  13. Here, here. Support. Support. Who cares if people traded with their alt. Good for them. Select player. Select item. Gift. Or player a requests item a for item b. Accept or decline? Etc. Anyhoo. Whatever. Enjoy. People could help out whoever they wanted
  14. I put this idea out about 2 months ago it's a shame somebody would steal it but I do agree with it is a wonderful idea and here are the names that have came up with. KawtoTrader. Kawanta. Or spider solitaire you may not have money but will trade you all the time
  15. Sorry for the last post but I do see now you did this March 15th of 2015 so yeah definitely your idea and I support it a million percent
  16. Stupid stupid idea, people like me with tons of extra equip and such will be able to sell to alts for nothing
  17. It wasn't stolen from you :lol: This has been suggested many, many times long before two months ago. It's been discussed in forums at length.

    I'd like a trade system. It's too easy to exploit without limits though. And having lots of limits makes it less appealing. Catch 22.