Trade calculator

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by VAMPIRE, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. It's about time we want to have an automatic charm count calculator on trade . Should not be that hard to add the feature. Will save a lots of time and trading will be easier like never before .
  2. Thats what imma sayin
  3. No support. Math isn't that hard 

  4. Except that leaving kaw 30-50 times to add stats up on your phone is annoying. Obviously you don’t trade a lot to realize how annoying it is. The maths not hard, the lack of accessibility is. One mistake on calculator and you’ve added up 5 charms you have to start over.
  5. Not saying its hard but when you’re trying to get a specific number it takes a good minute calculating charms then if u go over u gotta get something lower and that might be too low then you gotta go up, it takes a gooooood minute for one trade if the cs is high enough
  6. Support, would save tons of time
  7. Pen and paper anyone? no? Thanks Obama :(
  8. Support i hate math lol
  9. Fully support