Trade Calculator, New Idea

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  1. Get ur -eyes checked I've already said it doesn't affect me it affects many many others and wipe those tiers implies crying as in cry baby do you think I'm an idiot
  2. Hey, I know what I said and the text proves that. I don’t know what you are, but coming on here crying about loss of value for stacks is ridiculous and redundant to the current idea suggested. Might I suggest some tissues now, Chad?
  3. Speaking from personal experience, as someone who has quit and rejoined the game, I do agree that this idea has its merits. One point in particular was mentioned above about how trading bulk furnitures is a lot harder because of the slot limitation. But I also feel like to those people who have paid a higher than market value for stacked charms in order to pay for furnitures etc, it will be detrimental to them. Millions of cs will be lost. From the arguments above it’s obvious that there will be people affected if it’s moved to 25 slots. I feel like a reasonable proposal would be to limit charm trade slots at 12 or increase to 16, while simultaneously adding furniture trading slots that are either unlimited or limited at a higher number. This will prevent scams, and at the same time, it enables people trade efficiently resulting in happy consumers. This will also keep those who have paid premium prices for stacks happy. Should it not be said that finding a compromise is better than having one side win? I don’t benefit at all from helping those with stacked charms as I personally have none (yes that’s what happened when u quit before charms were a thing) but I would like to ensure that nobody is harmed in the process of improving the game. Please let me know if there are flaws to this suggestion as I would love to help find a balanced solution ^^
  4. while I don't necessarily agree that a multitude of furniture slots at least you don't outright disregard my attempts to help ppl to no personal benefit