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  1. The who community has been patient about everything. Patient about new ebs patient about gifting patient about (after a million years) a simple trade calculator. You would think with how slow ata moves their the government not a actual conpany. People are tired of being patient
  2. I qualify the premise of this idea.
    While it would help prevent scams you can protect yourself using furniture...Take the furnitures value into consideration have the other player give u collateral. They offer you a plague wolf lv1 x3 then you give them 625 or whatever then go from there.
    This won't help with buying asw plates or anything like that unless you have your own high rares etc.
    The reason I qualify this premise is because it will significantly harm a specific player base. I'm referring to the ppl that have invested up to a 25 percent premium on large stacks so the can do massive trades...I appreciate the effort to help the entirety of kaw but don't out right punch traders in the gut and cost them their investments have we not benefitted by selling items to them at 1.25xcs ? This is why I propose adding not double the slots, but instead add 3 or 4 slots and include 3 furniture only slots
  3. No one is punching anyone in the gut. With a raised slot limit, it would allow more stacks/charms to be traded. There is no harm in allowing 25 different charms or 25 different stacks to be traded.

    Furthermore, this allows players the option of sending what they want and how they want, rather than limiting them to 12 items that may or may not reach the intended trade agreement limit. Again, this would ensure a drop in scams during large trades.
  4. Mark my words if they do this stack prices will drop and ppl will lose their investments
  5. Charms are only worth face value anyways in my opinion. The only reason people pay more for them is because it’s an addictive aspect of the game. Nonetheless, stacks wouldn’t lose value because those hardcore stackers have more than 25 stacks.
  6. Look how long it took us to get the calculator. Even though the suggestion was for a calculator to work as we put charms into the trade bar so we didnt need an actual calculator. It def helps by making only 1 person count as opposed to both, but, well.... improvements beyond that will prob take another 8 months.
  7. Or longer. But with the pressure we’ve been putting on the devs to get issues taken care of, they seem to be putting their foot to the floor. However, we still have that glitch with opening charms during trades to see them. That’s been going on for some time. The lack of response other than “we are looking into it” has us unnerved. No other developer would allow simple glitches like this to continue. They’d have immediately worked on it. As for the OP, while they’re fixing the charm issue, they can up the slot limit for trades. :)
  8. Thanks. The devs just released an upped slot limit for roles in clan, so maybe they’ll do the same for trades. I’m optimistic. :)
  9. As Dave rightly pointed out, this idea was mentioned to devs on a couple of occasions along with the trade calculator. Considering how long trading has been out, I think the new calculator was a fairly quick addition. Give them time and I'm optimistic that the number of slots will be increased also. Not everything happens when we want it to.
  10. Depressing but realistic, I dig it
  11. It happens when some others want it to. I’m not going to name names, but it’s blatantly obvious. That doesn’t mean that people still can’t come here to support the idea/change. Thanks for replying, Michael. :)
  12. Don't double trade slots if you really want to assist ppl include furniture specific slots

    Once again doubling the trade slots isn't necessary to avoid scams use collateral.( you're buying a 2b item but need 2 trades buy another of their items that matches your trade value then at the end return their items back for ur prize everyone can imploy this) and it won't harm people . Investing in stacks (I have a stack of 200 large items to buy asw plates at 15b , I've invested a 25 percent premium so I can do so in a single trade) oops there's 25 slots now I just lost over a billion plus that I didn't need to spend oh well sucks for me) everyone needs to defend themselves from scams and collateral is the way don't screw ppl that invest heavily in massive stacks to hold players hands because they don't think. Since the calculator this confounding proposal is even less needed than it was before
  13. Or you could be smart and not pay so much for charms. Just because you think you’ll lose out on your stacks, Chad, doesn’t mean you will. As I’ve stated already, there are hardcore stackers who have more than 25 stacks. Instead of “collateral”, because we all know how stuff fluctuates in price, why not just up the slot limit? Since the trade calculator, it still doesn’t factor in large trades over 1b or 2b and it still doesn’t give the buyer or seller any form of assurance that they won’t be scammed. :)
  14. You know what do whatever when this thing comes crashing down and ppl lose I'll be able to show that I tried to stop it obviously you can't see common sense goodbye
  15. No need to get upset. Wipe those tears and stiffen up. No one will lose because they have already lost by putting so much into “stacks”. I’m sorry you were ripped off though, Chad. :)
  16. I didn't get ripped off I'm defending those that will your claim that they break the damn stacks up doesn't alleviate the hit the individual pieces will b worthless. extend the damn thing to 15 and add furniture slots it's better balanced and ppl across kaw won't have their investment trashed. This in no way affects me except that I want rares sometimes and if ppl get screwed regardless of the stack size your ( ppl have numerous 25 plus stacks is gibberish as long as those stacks cost them more than its cs which it did) will cost them the same as others. Back to the point it'll affect not only them but the rares that those affected ppl have guess what they will increase artificially to recover wasted cs which Jack's the market further than it already is.all avoidable if you make a better balanced decision 3 extra slots and furniture slots will aid everyone without trashing fortunes and don't call me a cry baby I'm advocating for honest ppl true some shady ppl will get hurt. Like the ppl that farm furniture then raise the price but the majority of the ppl that r hurt arent monsters
  17. I’m sorry, but where did I call you a crybaby? Oh, that’s right, I didn’t. ;)

    As far as this hurting anyone, it won’t. It just gives players the option to send more than 12 different charms. You don’t have to utilize all 25 slots, you can choose to use however many you want, but if large trades are here, they’ll only exacerbate tenfold due to ever skyrocketing prices and amount of charms in play. Why not have an actual trade window that reflects that jump?
  18. It will hurt ppl because stacks won't b necessary breaking stacks down won't change its drop in value "dry your tears" what do you call that I didn't disrespect you don't disrespect me
  19. I actually said “wipe those tears”, but thanks for trying to quote me, you failed with that. I wasn’t being disrespectful, you are literally complaining about “losing value on your stacks.” You’re poor misconception and desire to hold charms at a valuable worth are laughable, Chad. And I’m sorry you being a stack holder means you’ve put in more than what they’re worth, but that’s your problem. Stacks shouldn’t be the only option for large trades.