Trade Calculator, New Idea

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  1. We have finally gotten a “trade calculator”, that’s great. I would like to suggest that you up the slot limit from 12 to 25. This would help with larger trades or trades that involve many charms. If you’d like to see this implemented, give this thread some attention by commenting. You guys know you want it. ;)
  2. I support your support of my idea. Thanks. :)
  3. Just can't be happy
  4. I figured it would help with larger trades. Don’t be salty. ;)
  5. Why do you assume everyone is salty
  6. I don’t, but I call it as I see it. ;)
  7. Believe it or not this is a suggestion already been suggested. However its not a bad suggestion but be patient.
  8. No thanks focus on more important stuff like actually balancing charms lol
  9. First I’ve heard of this, but if it’s been suggested, maybe it’s being looked into. :)
  10. Support. Many people have problems with large transactions
  11. sometimes that has come up yes.

    Mods do speak to developers and collectively take feedback from kaw players.

    We all are just the same in kaw we just want too see improvements.

    There are way too many good ideas and to get through them takes time.
  12. I don’t know how much time it would take to look at a pile of ideas and determine which ones are possible or not, but some of these suggestions we’ve seen, we’ve seen for years. I highly doubt it takes years to implement some change.

    Nonetheless, I think this would help with larger trades. I just spoke with someone about a level 5 dusk unicorn and they wanted 6b in charms. 6b! You can’t get all of that in one trade, and then you run the risk of being scammed by sending multiple trades without getting anything back. Not saying anyone in particular is guilty of scamming like this, but it’s not unheard of either.
  13. Agreed.
  14. I think the ability to trade more than 12 would be good as well, I mean really if someone wanted to trade their whole lot of charms and rewards what would it matter if both parties agreed to the trade. Limiting number of items in trade only allows for what Bella said above, the potential of being scammed if having to make it in multiple trades! Unless there is a reason for limitation Im unaware of, but would definitely support increasing the allowable number of items in a trade!
  15. Thanks, and I agree with you. It’s generally why I won’t do larger trades because I’m worried someone will scam me and then there’s nothing ATA could do about it. After all, they’re just charms. So upping the slot limit would help tremendously with large trades. :)
  16. Support highly!! It is entirely ridiculous having to trade a full set in two trades because there is more than 12 pieces of furniture! Support!
  17. Thanks, Mrs. Beefy. :)
  18. If you make the trade agreements public, for example set the terms and conditions on walls instead of 3rd party apps or private messages, support has a greater chance of investigating whether any scams actually occurred.

    The problem is that so many trade negotiations are done behind the scenes, that there’s no way for them to monitor them. Take private messaging, unless something highly illegal is taking place, they will not read anyone’s private messages. They are just that, private and consider it an invasion of privacy to do so. However they do not need to read PMs to determine what was traded.

    Not saying you’re necessarily going to get your stuff back if you were scammed publicly, because each case is different, but it’ll definitely help them out.
  19. That’s my point, they won’t do anything if you’re scammed. Unless it’s involving anything “highly illegal”. Which is crap. If you’re scammed, you should be able to appeal and they investigate. If a scam happened, then that trade should be repealed and put back before the trade took place. So, upping the slot limit would decrease the chance of scams and protect players even further.