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  1. Hello Developers and THE KaW Community!🌝:D

    I’d like to suggest something of interest that needs support.

    As an avid trader I for one can say that it’s an absolute pain in the butt sometimes to have to individually add charm stats up going back and forth between this app and my calculator app… & I know that the game already adds the total combined stats of everything in a posted trade. What I’m suggesting is some sort of addition to the trade interface feature that allows the player to see what the combined stats of the trade is before posting the trade. That way the player posting the trade could post the correct amount the first time around instead of having to repost 2 sometimes 3 and maybe even 4 times to get the correct amount. We need some sort of a trade calculator!

    Any and all support will be much appreciated and any extra ideas you may have that would further this idea are welcomed.
  2. A lot of people bring this up, and have since trading was implemented. Sometimes I wonder if the more effective idea, would be to have a button that brings up a menu where you can input your desired amount of cs, how close to that cs is acceptable (10m off? 1m? 3%?), and maybe some parameters (only lv10 charms, only lv0 charms, only charms lv1-4, only rewards, only duplicates, only unique items, only things with less than 200mcs, etc), then have it spit out a recommended trade (or a few options) along with the exact cs like we have now. Then just choose which trade you want to offer over.

    It'd have to be made flexible somehow to avoid only having a single set of charms recommended that you don't want to use (e.g. always using a max icetail to make up the bulk cs), but a good system would solve the running trade calculator issue entity.
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  3. Support! Totally and unequivocally.

    Trade needs a list version that you can see names of items. Or show them in showcase. Ive given up searching for things because it takes too frikkin long to find them for people.

    Search option also might help.

    Such a basic idea to have a running tally as you add or select items to trade. Ooorph make it happen Devs

  4. I think you're making it harder than it needs to be thrown. Especially of you consider many people want to and need to be able to select specific items PLUS other items. Not to mention having a random selector of items would just add things you don't want and you'd then need to spend more time delveoping and editing settings to select out based on heaps of criteria.

    Simple. Tally, and show total stats of each item with image.

    At least thsts what I'd want. I think I'd spend more time and effort trying to create specific criteria for each trade rather than running tally an easily finding items by name.


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  5. Support
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  6. You hit the nail w the hammer on this one thrawn brotha! I totally agree!