Trade Calculator is here!

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  1. Thank you devs! I'll send you some cookies in appreciation!
  2. Thank you for getting calculator.

    There is some issue with notifications which needs to be looked into . It doesnt show new msg notification when trade happens or reuest sent unless u open then trade or inbox . Ty
  3. Seems like half a job has been done here. Still have to use a calculator to add up the stats on the charms u want to trade
  4. yes but when will we be getting support for nintendo switch
  5. Very cool, ty for helping us with this request.
  6. Wooooooooo
  7. This
  8. We'll look into this!
  9. Nicely done, keep the upgrades coming.
  11. Thank you Winston!
  12. No offense but I call MooCowPlop

    Put the combined stats in the Trade Space when you select.
  13. we love u drgn
  14. add a calculator during trading pls
  15. When will you add a calculator to see the stats in the trade... that would be 100x more useful.
  16. Hello Winston can we have a calculator before putting trade up? It should be great to have a calculator that tells us how many cs the charm we have chosen give before putting the trade on.

    Thx a lot
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  17. Yeah agree....kind of defeats the purpose not know the total the person chooses. Duh
  18. Yes this has been an awesome update. Facts. I was wondering if the calculator could possibly add stats and show before actual trade. I find myself estimating and trading, look at stats calculator shows me and canceling trade. Choosing over and doing again until I'm close enough to value I was aiming for. Anyone else experience this?
  19. I just made a post saying the same. Didn't see this one. Support