Trade Calculator is here!

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  1. You asked, you demanded, some of you even begged, and now it's here!

    The trade calculator will help players figure out if their trades are of roughly equivalent value. When sending out a trade, the system will send a message in PM showing the total combined stat value of the trade.

    For example, if you were to trade 3 items that were each 4 mcs (1mcs of atk/def/spya/spyd), the calculator would show it as 12,000,000 combined stats.

    Also, this will tell players the level of furniture item being traded, which should hopefully reduce scamming.

    Yikes, this has been a lot of announcements in a short period of time. Sorry!

    What's that... testing ASW? Oh how sneaky.
  2. I thought it couldn’t be done??!

    Omg Winston I love you!!
  3. That’s a well received release I’m quite sure Winston. Awesome on that and thank you :)
  4. Great! When will it be live, do you know?
  5. How am I suppose to rip people now?
  6. Yeah what gives no more scamming?!
  7. Beautiful work, much needed, thank you so much winston
  8. Fix charms now thanks
  9. Great job devs. That’s why I never doubted and lost hope that this game will keep going better. ( not kissing ass)
  10. Omg so thank u :p
    i hate math so this is great
  11. Thanks kaw, it has been a much asked for!!

    Question though, say I'm trying to trade for something thats 500mcs, so Im having to trade multiple items, does it show you anywhere in the trade que box what cs your too before you hit trade or do I still have to use my handy dandy phone calculator? Honestly, once Ive added them up its more verifying my addition showing me after hitting trade! Which that has its benefits to stop those from getting ripped off, but showing me before hitting trade would be helpful as well!
  12. Wow. Awesome!!! Thank you for listening!
  13. Thank you. This is a great addition too the Charm trade system.
  14. It only shows once a trade has been proposed, but you can always set up fake trades with friends or alts to add something up before proposing the trade to the proper person :)
  15. Thanks Winston. Ily. Play with me on Overwatch sometime. Have a waffle. Good job!
  16. Welp time to make some alts.
  17. Good for devs responding to player feedback, this is how ATA support should operate. Solicit input from the community and act on what the community is requesting. First time in nearly 8 years of playing I’ve seen ATA respond timely to community on a substantial request.

    I’ll give you a nod ATA, respect
  18. Very true, thank you again for working on this aspect of the game, as it has been much requested! :)
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  19. Nice. I like it.