TPS in LL war is Bannable?

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  1. So Yes. You read it right. Someone told me that warring as TPS in LL war is Bannable. I created this thread to know if that is True or not. If yes. Why do you allow some players casting without And Attack build? TPS is considered as Strategic build right? So iwanna know some of your thought if this is right that dev will ban us for doing it. Thank you and Happy Kawing.
  2. You cannot be banned for having a specific type of build. Whoever told you that is probably messing with you.
  3. It is in fact not bannable but it does count as "war abuse". This war abuse will lead to any account reported to devs to receive a 7-day SS. It ruins the fun in warring lowland as it stops all build besides ps1 from getting actions and therefore event items making it count as such. Don't be one of those losers who cast tps. Simple as that
  4. TPS? Are we talking about pure spy? Where do all these terms come from pure spy is too long to type?
  5. Just don't forget the cover sheet for your TPS report and you'll be fine.
  6. Why is it a loser casting tps there is no rule in book u can't cast tps. Yes my friends have got ss casting tps how can they give u ss when that particular build can be cast lol. U adapt to builds have variations it's a strategy casting tps and u know there is a risk involved of getting stripped devs to give ss for no reason just because oppo complaints of lack of actions this whole actions thing is a crazy thing. Why can't it be just winner gets it all losers get nothing lol -.- instead of this 600/300 that's war abuse devs don't inspect deal wars and give them ss rather give ss to those people who Try new variations. Gg
  7. TPS isnt a new variation.. There was a brief post some time ago that casting builds designed solely to stop your opponent for getting actions isnt allowed, or something like that.
  8. Is it abuse if you're using mechs within the meta layed out by the developers? Not like a TPS is an exploit, it's literally a build within the foundations created by ATA.

    Sounds like ATA was/is too lazy to patch up it up and nerf it, so they give out SS's instead.
    Then again, that kind of incompetence is expected with ATA. They did admit here that they've given up on wars and it's not a priority anymore.
  9. Good thing we all have enough lowland crestplates to try out new builds other than whatever build abuses the system.
  10. Thats exactly the case lol. Regardless TPS is a cheap abusive build that has no real chance of winning any wars, so i think the devs are right to punish people who abuse it.
  11. Its not bannable why should it be people play how the game was made.
  12. Wtf is a tps?
  13. Tiny pipi syndrome
  14. @Faust
  15. Lol hi mint
  16. Tower pure spy.
  17. I changed the TPS on my TSX. It runs great now.
  18. I cast TPS for war. I can’t win as ps1 against autoclickers which can attack 6 to 10x a second. Yet devs don’t banned this guys because they are big spender and in LB. They are okay to cheat and devs don’t do nothing. I keep reporting this players and devs keep responding we look into it and still done nothing. So if I cast to give me advantage over autoclickers shouldn’t be an issue. They can autoclick on my towers 
  19. Smiley, you're slower than a snail and war in the worst clan ever seen. Thats why you lose. Nobody does 6-10 attacks per second.. Mind showing some proof? Also, TPS doesnt give you an advantage. Only stops enemy from getting actions, they'll still win 100% of the time. Kinda like casting as an open ps tbh, i know you have experience in that area
  20. I can win as TPS against hybrid without anyone leaking purposely against hybrids. Only problem hybrids cries for action. Begging in pm like little kids for us to open up. 