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  1. Towers are a well known necessity to any person interested in Osw/or to be a successful ee-er, but most people don't completely understand how they work,

    For the sake of this thread I will use t4 towers, and not factor Bfe/Bfa/ pro packs into it.

    A person with full Spy attack pots has a bonus of 160,340,000 to spy actions. A person with full sdp had a bonus of 110,340,000 to all spy stats. IN KAW, THE ATTACKER CLEARLY HAS THE ADVANTAGE. So all these people crying about "gh exploits" need to pay attention. It isn't the build it is the lob sided pot bonuses.

    Each max t4 spy tower will give you a 5,000,000 static spy bonus. Therefore, if you are hitting with someone with the exact same build same Mith(not including Bfe/Bfa/pro packs) YOU will win!!! The defender would need full sdp 10t4 spy towers JUST TO EVEN OUT the difference in spy attack and spy defense pots. To all of you who have less than 1m static from towers you are just killing your plunder and really doing nothing for yourself.

    I am really only posting this thread because I look around and see people with builds like 200k/200k/500k/900k or 5m/5m/500k/1m. Your towers won't do anything for you(unless your pro Bfe/Bfa/pro packs are far superior to your opponents)

    Just thinking out loud

  2. So 1m static is where it starts to actually help you?
  3. It's a very good point. Maybe they should add another def pot. Not make pots for stacking and def the same, but closer.

    If attack and def. pots were equal then people with towers and BFE would be almost un-hittable
  4. Thank you martyr, and I told you Div. 1m or go home. :lol: 
  5. Players shouldn't worry about towers until they are BC. Even if stripped in a war a player could easily recover MP at a quicker rate than make up the difference in plunder over the life of the account.
  6. A very good point Martyr, I agree completely with the worm above, the devs shoukd add another def/spy def pot. It'd make equipment more valuable too.

  7. Yes Theris, that's a good point too.

  8. No the dev should not add a pot. It would discourage fighting, and make some people untouchable
  9. Towers aint needed
  10. Adding a new defense pot? I disapprove. Attacker has always had the advantage, and I'd like to keep it that way.

    Think of when T8 ebs came out with the super defense equipment. Remember how people got upset because it has tons of defense and made it easier for pve players to defend themselves. It would just cause the same conflict, too much defense.

  11. Disagree*
  12. Maybe rather than a pot they could power up towers more?
  13. I agree anything under 1m static sd is useless
  14. The static defense won't help against scouts if full pots are used! So how many towers would you need to help against scouts? 
  15. You don't get to have your 110 mil pot defense against scouts
  16. psssh. ya. towers aint needed. they are rubbish. :?
  17. IMO you can't war and expect to win if you don't have 1M in tower defense. Its just far too easy to assassinate someone without them, and the whole time you have no idea who is hitting you. If people are scout bombing you at least you have more time to sko.
  18. I didn't say they were not needed, just that they don't protect much against scouts....all towers do protect your troops as spy towers will prevent assassinations! And we all know troops make the most plunder.( ko plunder is only 10% of what enemy has)
  19. Dude, when I hit a gh in war I get 13 mil, that's it. When he hit me, he gets 60 mil. That's the problem! Not the pots. The amount of gold earned by a gh is too high considering they supposedly have balanced bfa.