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  1. Hi everyone,

    I currently am wanting to make a tower heavy hybrid and I've heard some things.

    Ll, hl, and hf lands all give negative plunder, while abyssal and osmon rai towers do not give negative plunder

    I have done my own research to confirm lowland towers do NOT provide negative plunder

    Update and clarification: when I conducted that research I used soldier defence buildings (I've been informed they reduce end plunder).
    After hearing this I conducted the same experiment with spy defence buildings and found that they REDUCED spldier return plunder AND ally bonus plunder.

    I am aware that troop buildings give plunder and by having a tower in its place you are loosing potential plunder.

    I guess my real question here is. What set of lands provide the most defensive stats from towers at the cost of the least plunder and or stats? Or are they all perfectly balanced?

    Ps any other information on towers or relevant information (.) would be appreciated I'm always wanting to know more.

    Thanks for your time
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  2. I'm about 80% sure towers do not give negative plunder on any lands. All just losing potential plunder. Bout all I got though lol
  3. Thanks for that, I suspected as such 
  4. I think you did lose plunder back in the days of OSFs, as you were getting "bigger" while your target was staying the same size, resulting in nerfed plunder. I've never tested it personally, and don't know if that mechanic would still apply to epic battles.
  5. Hoarfrost towers do decrease plunder. The biggest thing is that LL, HL & HF towers are incredibly inefficent in regards to stats, plunder & gold to buy.
    Additionally, at your size those land sets are your primary plunder lands, so towers there are just painfull.
    A mixture of Abyss and Osmon rai is the best.

    Same thing applies to EBs actually. Not as much as on OAF & OSF but it still affects it - BFA especially!
  6. My experience suggests that the loss of plunder by building towers maxes out at a certain point and is build dependent. I've seen abyssal towers reduce plunder on smaller Alts while the exact same upgrade had no effect on larger builds. The effect of towers is more complicated than simply this land or that land.

    However, the general rule of thumb is to build towers on the biggest lands you have to maximise plunder.

    If it takes 5 ab towers to get the same stats as 1 os rai tower, then you are giving up 4 buildings of plunder by putting them on smaller lands. While the bigger lands might offer more plunder/building, generally you will make more by having the absolute fewest total towers possible.
  7. No. (/.-)
  8. For a fact, you loose plunder with every towers on any lands. Just less on abyss/OR but still you will see a difference.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback everyone, that's given me plenty to think about
  10. Build towers on abyss or Osman, all towers drop your plunder doesn't even make sense for it not too since its in the place of a plunder building.
  11. To offset the plunder loss for having lots of towers

    You get plunder bonuses from winning wars that last long and give way better payouts than those with no towers

  12. In the long run, its definitely more efficient land wise to tower on OR because the max amount of stat gain is far greater. Of course After a certain point you'll be paying an insanely worse price for the stats but Im pretty sure the stat cost from towers on Osmon rai up to around level 9 or so isnt much worse than towers on abyss, and even then your still getting more 2-3 times the stats per land than is possible on abyss lands.

    So, you might have to spend a few extra tril in gold to get the extra stats available from OR but in the long run your saving lands by utilizing the extra available stats per land from OR.