Tournament Wars: Winner - Last Rights!!!

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  1. Though actually, I thank LR for stripfarming me. If they didn't, I would probably try to KaW in school. They set me on the right track. Thank you for having your whole clan strip me and keep me pinned for about 12 hours straight now :)
  2. Precious precious my precious you will not take my precious!!!!
  3. So now that this is over, what happens with Prestige LB?
  4. Doesn't zaft destiny get anything? They should mention that....
  5. Well I have deduced that the other guys mentioned are idiots who don't know how to war from ata's point of simple mind ( no offense to Zaft, just referring to mans somewhat most primal drive that tells us that only the number one guys count, and everyone else are morons who don't know anything- so, no offense to Zaft, who I really respect)
  6. Same to Merc Inc to, but I forgot, my bad
  7. The Super Bowl of KaW :lol:
  8. Hey r devs mods
  9. No and yes :roll:
  10. Is that a Super Bowl ring? 
  11. Looks like a high school class ring lol congrats to all
  13. *fixed
  14. Congrats LR
  15. When is the next season wars i want to be in it
  16. Where's the clan trophy dev's ?!
  17. I want one x(