Tournament Wars: Winner - Last Rights!!!

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  1. Congratulations to Last Rights, the winner of this seasons tournament wars! They fought fiercely and with strong determination, not giving an inch. Truly a well deserved victory for the hard work and dedication.

    Second place to Zaft Destiny, who also deserves respect and honorable mention.

    Third place to Mercenary Inc, respect and honorable mentions as well.

    The final prize for this season is the championship ring! Members of the clan Last rights will each be awarded this ring, stats yet to be unveiled.


    We would like to thank everyone in the kaw community for participating. We hope to see everyone again in the next season. We love you all!
  2. Shiny. :shock:
  3. Love u too devs! <3 u hav redeemed yourselves in my books!
  4. Cool it with the threads 'bro'. One more and I'll send a report for a forum ban to the Devs. <3

    Sounds cool =P Congrats LR =)
  5. Hey a graduation ring!
  6. Didn't the Devs say before that ring slot items are usually weak in strength?

    Items stats will probably suck, although I can't see the finals item being crap.
  7. It'll be better than the tgl ring. That thing is terrible
  8. Looks awesome, won't have the best stats out of the lot tho...
  9. Right, which makes absolutely no sense, unless because it's finals it's an exception to the rule, lol.
    on a separate note, a pimd dev totally must have designed the ring :p
  10. Turtle war. That's all I have to say.
  11. I doubt it will be an exception to the rule, going on what the Devs have already done with the semifinal item (it being weaker than the quarterfinal item)
    Devs even stated why it was weaker, saying item strength depends on the slot it's assigned.
  12. The devs totally know my style. ;)
  13. That looks like my class ring
  14. When do they get ring
  15. Oh snap. Devs, your artists/designers/whatever are AWESOMAZING.
  16. Alright so I fought with them in one war does that mean I get the ring?
  17. lol. no. only those who participated in the Final in LR and was in it until the end get the ring.
  18. Nice job LR. Always good to see a clan quickly come together and take down other top clans. Very nice war tactics. 