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  1. List down your top ten favorite songs from artists. Please keep them at least friendly, no swearing or other dark nature and keep it on topic try and here's mine

    10. Negative One by slipknot
    9. Not Ready To Die by Avenged Sevenfold
    8. Hero by Skillet
    7. Black Is The Soul by Korn
    6. This IS Gonna Hurt by Sixx A. M.
    5. Sham Pain by FFDP
    4. The Stage by Avenged Sevenfold
    3. Wrong Side Of Heaven by FFDP
    2. Red Cold River by Breaking Benjamin
    1. The Vengeful One by Disturbed
  2. i might do this later, but have you heard the newest A7X song Mad Hatter? really reminds me of metallica, i love it
  3. 10. Overcome - Oceans Divide
    9. Miracle - Story of the Year
    8. Wearing Scars - Wearing Scars
    7. Our Worlds Collide (Acoustic) - Dead by April
    6. Forever - Late Night Saviour
    5. HURT - Witt Lowry
    4. Darkest Places - Abstract
    3. Let Me Fall For You - David Cook
    2. Back to Me - Three Doors Down
    1. Don’t Wanna Write This Song - Brett Young.

    As you can tell, I enjoy a variety of genres!
  4. i listen to the kaw soundtrack on repeat throughout my day
  5. In no particular order
    Chucky Vs The Giant Tortoise - Dance Gavin Dance
    Smile In Your Sleep - Silverstein
    Something New - Noctilucent
    Reality - Lost Frequencies
    The Story Left Untold - Every Avenue
    Radio - Alkaline Trio
    Romances - Amity Cadet
    Last Time I Saw You - Sublab
    Jesus Christ - Brand New
    Get Hurt - Gaslight Anthem
    Two Weeks - All That Remains
    Right now - SR-71

    You get 2 extra because I couldn't narrow it down any further, it already feels too small as is
  6. Go nuts. Post more!
  7. 1-10 Baby Shark dodododo
  8. 10. Viking death march - billy talent
    9. Otherside - red hot chili peppers
    8. Let it be- the beatles
    7 . Somewhere over the rainbow - Israel Kamakawiowo Olè

    6. On top of the world - imagine dragons
    5. Imagine- John lennon
    4. The scientist - coldplay
    3. Hellbound - eminem
    2. Dream - imagine dragons
    1. Till i collapse- Eminem
  9. After a few days of thinking i realise i can't narrow it down to 10 songs because it changes from day to day, depending on my mood and what i hear
    So i've narrowed it down to my favourite 10 musical artists

    1. Skylar Grey
    2. Tom Walker
    3. Red Hot Chili Peppers (the later stuff, not the early punky screamy stuff when they were all high)
    4. The Script (Superheroes is on my daily top 10)
    5. Evanescence (My Immortal)
    6. Eminem
    7. Anne-Marie (Rockabye)
    8. Pink
    9. Lighthouse Family (High)
    10. George Ezra