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  1. Says a KAW forumer lol
  2. yes, says a kaw forumer
  3. 10. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (ps2)
    9. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
    8. Star Wars Force Unleashed
    7. Dragon Age: Origins
    6. Homeworld
    5. Monster Hunter 2005
    4. Doom 2016
    3. Red Faction Guerrilla
    2. Monster Hunter World
    1. Fallout: New Vegas

    Honourable mentions:
    Mass Effect, Halo Wars, Star Craft, Diablo 1&2, Fable Anniversary Edition, Apex Legends, Battlefield 1942, 2, 3, 4; Stellaris Console Edition, GTA IV, Warframe, Conan Exiles, Assassin's Creed 1-Odyssey, Gears of War 2.

    As well as many others I'm sure.
  4. Great list. Why does CoD show up everywhere? Played it. Seemed really basic. Never really stuck with it.
  5. Cuz we are old.
  6. 10.Skyrim
    9. Star wars battlefront II (original)
    8.GTA san andreas
    7.Assasins Creed II
    6.Tony Hawk pro skater 2
    5.Batman Arkham City
    1.cod 4

    Anyone with BO3, infinite warfare or BO4 isn't a real cod fan
  7. No order....

    CoD (all)
    Diablo (all)
    Star Wars BF
    Warcraft (all)
    Doom (all)

    Happy KAW'ing 
  8. Bf2 amazing game I still own my original Xbox copy
  9. Dynasty Warriors
    Elder Scrolls
    Super Smash Bros
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    Need For Speed
    Fight Night
    Medal of Honour
    Perfect Dark
    Age Of Empires
    NBA Live
    Star Wars Pod Racer

    There are fair few series I've listed here, and i wasn't going in exact order, but it's a rough list of my fav 20
  10. I'm literally this but replace csgo with siege because I'm a console peasant
  11. Jackson you aren't old enough for tony hawk pro skater 2. It came out before you were born
  12. yes because that truly disables my ability to play it, good one Vbot. It's called having siblings.
  13. I know for a fact you were not playing what was nearly a half decade old game on the year you were born. Add in like 4-5 years to get to a stage you would have at least a vague memory of it. So you were playing a near decade old game on a console that was outdated cause the next generation came out? I guess wales really is a poor place
  14. You don't know for a fact, so think what you want. I still have old gameboys and a super old nintendo 64 lol. Half decade? It came out in 2000 and I was born in 2003. I mean if you did some research you'd know Wales isn't a poor place so you might be thinking of Scotland. If you're referring to me specifically I'll just take my business elsewhere then :D