Too much crying in EE

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  1. I've noticed ee wars are plagued by whiners and lame turds who can't banter. I think as a community it's time we take a stand against these players and offer free counseling. I volunteer myself, and am now on call. Please follow and pm if you need help.

    I open this thread for others to share their experiences with these types of players.. Please discuss and hopefully we can come together as a community to fix this thanks.
  2. Oh this is a bad match up! We dead! Rip us! They will kill us! We have no chance! Am off this is crap! (Banter before war! Various members!) Am dead they will kill me! Your a leak/mole/alt..after war!!! Hey good war ! Yes easy war told you we would win! Good war guys ! Easy we killed em! Hey we won good war! Easy we killed em, yes I killed em/we killed em and many variations on said theme! Just shut up and hit and wait an see!
  3. Every war with Ajax in it , he only does ee to hide in it and gets akod all the time and has the cheek to blame everybody else on why he lost the war :)
  4. OP truly needs counselling. He so butthurt over artouris he changed name derive with artouris. Every time he is with artouris roster he purposely make art lose so art can’t reach top 10 in war. He don’t realized there is other player on roster other than artouris. He go inactive all war when with artouris and sb for action last 15 minutes to avoid getting a sword.

  5. Why does musangs grammar and mastery of the english language seem to be so inconsistent? .. It's almost like its a shared account.
  6. Bob I can write proper grammar when when writing slowly. I re read my writing before sending them. When I am trashed talking I don’t need to write proper grammar. The point of trashed talking is to get someone reaction. What I’m writing on this thread is honest truth how OP(you) ruining war for no reason. Last war was lost because you are on a roster. You are annoying more and more player.
  7. Musang.. How many wars did you ruin by multi casting?
  8. Over the years of making musang cry I've realized that the more angry he gets, the more grammatically incorrect he gets. It's an easy way to gauge the success of how deep you are getting under pusangs skin.

  9. This kinda sounds like crying but anyways

    This issue isn’t that people cry so much it’s about people assuming they can’t win. What many fail to remember is even the big can fall and often time when it looks like it’s very uneven match up people simply give up and go inactive or rogue or simply don’t care. That’s where wars have gone wrong people are greedy it’s not about a team anymore it’s about themselves how can “I” get my items. During Pre S1 and even through S2/3 people warred as a team we won or lost as a team.

    S1/S2/S3 you don’t think that Sotra or RH or even Worms during this season thought at some point damn crap match but hey guess what they still warred and on a rare occasion they may have even won.

    This mentality changed when it went to indi style format Why ... because people stopped being a team clan wars brought together a family you built bonds and friendship and wanted to war good not only for your self but for the family, once indi came around it all changed and that war family was lost .

    Bring back clan wars = bring back less crying about match ups