Tomb Stone/Respectful Placeholder

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    The game has been running quite a while and, unfortunately, many people have had some fallen clanmates/heroes due to various circumstances.
    We have, respectfully or stubbornly, refused to kick or make room in the clan roster for said fallen veterans and sadly they do take up space.
    I would like to suggest a permanent space holder that people can still see, click on and visit to see the past accomplishments and write memoriums etc on.

    TL;DR: Placeholder for fallen clanmates

    Tombstone [Old Tombstone; Mossy Tombstone]. (n.d.). Retrieved May 5, 2018, from http://tombstonesuppliersjohannesburg.c ... tomb3.pngg

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    I don’t know what this is but anyway, replace [​IMG] with
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    Like a graveyard? o.o

    This thread be pretty dark, yo.
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    You too?

    You're like an illiterate 1st grader, also using same dead joke from several years ago.

    Get new material, man.
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    kasama is right tho this thread is dark lol

    i dont think ata is gonna put in a new game feature that would acknowledge their dying old playerbase tbh
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    Who's Tom stone?
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    While this isn't a bad idea, the problem lies with verifying deaths.

    When someone with a Facebook account dies, Facebook asks for a death certificate and if the verification process is successful, the word "remembering" occurs before their name on their profile and certain account functions are permanently locked. I don't think ATA would want the extra work, considering how they're struggling already with the workload.