Toast's Guide to Quests

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Toast, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. LMAO nice castle code xD
  2. Why thank you to both lol. The code was originally dillys. Castle code: 1C4N7B3L13V3¥0U7H1NK7H3R354C0D3
  3. Haha i looked at ur wall and sum ppl actually fell for it xDD
  4. A LOT of people did this time lol
  5. Lolzx. U musta been scouted lyke crazy xD
  6. Yeah I get a lot of scouts lol.
  7. Lolzx xD but that code is smart xD
  8. Lol it's dillys from a LONG time ago. Even the devs laughed at it lol
  9. Lolzx. Lcbc ppl r so creative xD
  10. Lol lemme go find the ss of it. I missed kaw saying "lol dillybar nice" though :(
  11. Lol found it!
    I have too many pictures lol over 1k now
  12. Woahh how u post ss in forums ??
  13. Download photobucket and upload the pic then hit the littlw i and touch the IMG code to copy it
  14. Oo ur on pc huh...and ur guide shoulda been called 'Toast's Guide to Outdoor Living (and living with quests) lol
  15. Lol! And no photobucket is an app
  16. ooo cuz i hv photobucket on pc..and on ur wall ppl FINALLY understand the code lol