Toast's Guide to Quests

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  1. Is the end reward accurate? This is surprisingly low
  2. Yep. Keep in mind there has not been an update to quests in years. I think they are as old as the game.
  3. I mean, it's 10 xtals. Free $10 for a handful of dumps. It takes away eb hits, but dumping a few troops during spy only bars adds up.
  4. Thanks for continuing to maintain this. Couldn't find up to date nob rates anywhere else.
  5. I have seen some players with over 100 Quest completions, any idea how to reach these?
  6. Check out ESQ_Lan_ESQ ... over 800 completed Quests! How is that done??
  7. You yourself have over 800 quests completed, bud.

    Edit: suppose I should clarify, that stat on your profile (and visible on everyone's) refers to how many times you've succeeded at a quest. When you hit the quest button once, and win, you get the "Quest Complete!" screen, and you get plus-one to the count on your profile.

    Finishing a quest to 100percent doesn't do anything special to your quest stat, though you may get an achievement or a bonus.
  8. Why my quests stopped at 879 ? When can I unlock more ?
  9. Which quests drop nobs ? I didn’t see the results in the description of each quest, only bonus gold.
  10. All quests drop nobs. They all have roughly the same chance of dropping one when you succeed it.
  11. Ah ok thanks
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  12. Rate of drops is still valid ;-)
  13. RiP the first guide that got me started in KaW.

    So long, and thank you for all the nobs

  14. I can no longer edit the original post because xenforo character limit is lower than the old forums (so I cannot re-save a new edit). But:

    As of a couple years or so ago, nobs were removed as a possible random quest drop. Unsure about xtals since they were always so rare, but I assume those random rewards are also nixed.