Toast's Guide to Quests

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Toast, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Maybe you'll win enough by next Christmas 
  2. Around what size should da player be before attempting each quest or set of quests?
  3. so after completing the quest , we don't have any crystal ?
  4. I remember when this was posted lol
  5. What do you mean? Not all of the quests, once completed, give you free crystals. And you also don't need to use crystals to complete the quests.

    The quests come in sets of a sort, and when you complete the set you are awarded a gold amount and free crystals.
  6. Dude no way, I do too
  7. Thought that you were inactive Toast...This is a good thread...
    The best quest to farm with 8-14m Cs is "Under the Bridge".if you are lucky you can get 0-3 nobs for unload...this not means that always drop nobs but a lot of times yes
  8. I pretty much am, but I do try to pop in occasionally. Hopefully more often from here on.
  9. Looks like the apes turned off the drop of nobs/xtal from the easiest quests... for the last couple of hundred hits on quest#1 zero drops... greedy monkeys :-(
  10. correction: the nob rate is now way much lower than the observed in the past "Nob drop rate: ~.88%"

    ... 1st nob after 20-30 full bars on 'Excavate' and 'Under the Bridge' quests in last few weeks
  11. Anyone want to know the secret to 100% nob/xtal drops?

    It's called a credit card... I have yet to see the oracle fail to drop.
  12. Toast for VK!!!!
  13. I'm getting a drop rate much higher than others seem to suggest. About 1 nob every 40 quests at the moment. Will keep tracking on my wall but certainly well over 2% at the moment.
  14. Looks like drop rate is back to normal:
    between March 2-7 i did ~1200 quests (Under the Bridge) and got 13 nobs and 1 xtal dropped (details on my wall)
  15. Is this still valid? As far as first time completing the quest? If so I need to hurry and finish the last few cause Thats 20 free xtals
  16. Yes it is.
  17. quests haven't changed since i've been playing kaw, so the guide should still be accurate.