Toast's Guide to Quests

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  1. If you keep doing one quest you get nobs???
  2. What if we finished them all does it drop anything if we hit it again or just forget quest
  3. How do i unkock the quests after FACING THE STORM
  4. I completed quest # 58 a long time ago but i still havnt recieve new ones.has devs stop making them?
  5. This guide rocks!!
  6. Coming up on 25k quests completed, only received 3 rare health crystals.
  7. My other alt is almost at 9000 quests and zero xstals lol
  8. In this last week i've droped 2 xtals doing maybe 400-450 quests(before this ihaven't drop any xtal in all my quest career). Or i'm very lucky or the drop rate has changed(probably the first). Now i'm going to find and bump that other epic thread made by NoobdooN about quests ;-)
  9. does mith make a diff in quests..anyone know..too many pages to read i got to 43 before i quit lol..just curious didnt know if it was asked n answered!! happy kawing n thanks toast for the guide i use it religiously
  10. Pretty sure it does.
  11. Mithril does affect quest success because it affects your stats directly. I'm not sure if this got fixed but spells used to carry through resets while mith wouldn't, so someone resetting could use a bunch of spells before the fact and get a dozen or so quests done. Sweet stuff. No clue if all that's been changed.

    Also, (I'll make an op edit later when I get around to pc)
    The nob/xtal drop rates are possibly inaccurate. I have reason to suspect the devs changed the rate/s since I last tested.
  12. Ty toxic 
  13. Can you get nob/crystals for already completed quests?
  14. Thank you for sharing this info with the rest of us. For a long, I've been asking questions about quests, crystals, and of course; nobility points.
  15. Yes you can get nobs and xtals from completed quests but not the bonus ones such as the 5 for the second to last quest
  16. I remember when I was a newb I would always use this, but I never open it anymore.