Toast's Guide to Quests

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  1. Ugh sorry I have to do this because old times but 100th page too :)
  2. Toast…Why Do You
    Not Come With Butter…
  3. You didn't order the deluxe. Now the shop is foreclosed, sorry.
  4. Toast, I remember your updates on the last eb xD

    I'm in our subclan right now, I think ill stop growth and just go for it
  5. Only 69 quests...hmmm... ;)
  6. So which eb is more likely to drop nobs wall me
  7. Which quest has tr highest non drop rate?
  8. All the same.
  9. They are all equal in percentage. Do the first. It's the easiest.
  10. Thanks Toast
  11. Unless the devas are being greedy for x2 haunts today. Its only 5 crystals for the last quest completed now..
  12. So being a spy makes low nobolity? And with 20 nobility you can buy PRo equipment (on computer)?
  13. Doesn't matter what build you have, so long as you can win quests. You can have a forge and still farm for nobs just as effectively as with lcbc t5, or whatever the max is these days. Nobility earned from quests functions the same as any other nobility.
  14. question

    If u finished all quests do u still get drop
  15. I have personally designed my build around questing and nobility farming, and a large amount of my persistence and skill in these areas comes from this thread. Thanks Toast. In my opinion, nob farming from quests is extremely underrated and absolutely worth while to do. Some people are fine hitting epic battles and making 30-50b a day, but I'm personally fine making about 1/5 of that, and walking away with a good 10 nobs each day!
  16. <3 Eric

    Nob farming for the win

    12k and counting
  17. If have finishes all quests and earned 18 nobility. Should I farm the easiest one or the most difficult one to get more nobility
  18. I farm the first one