Toast's Guide to Quests

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Toast, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Nah have iMaki do that lol. I'm not that good
  2. You can partner up with iMaki :D But iMaki is truly the greatest at wall art, my insperation :p
  3. Turtle it's right here
  4. ♥♪♥♫♥BuMP♥♪♥♫♥
  5. ▲♥▼♥▲BuMP▲♥▼♥▲
  6. Haii u finally made that guide :D but u needed dilly' help on makin the title of the guide huh 
  7. Hey it's my first time  I did all the actual writing with assistance of screenshots of the last 4 from dilly
  8. Haha u prolly think im a stalker 
  9. Lol i stalk walls all the time. Coughidrizzycoughcough
  10. Lolzx. I saw yewr wall when dilly wuz govin yew suggestions ._.
  11. *gasp* STALKERS!!!!!!!! Hide your wife, hide your kids....

  12. May I ask why yoi randomly found my wall in the first place? Loll
  13. Well i hv a lot of big friends and most of them have at least 1 post of urs on them. I also look at random ppls walls and see ur post 
  14. Lol I didn't think I had a lot of "big friends" except clanmates 
  15. Not like randomly post their wall kind lol
  16. Lol. Well 1 wuz i wuz lookin at dillybar's wall and stats and such cuz he made a good handbook and i wuz curious abt who he wuz.. And EVRY time i looked there wuz at least 1 post frm u recently lol
  17. Lol last week was lots of chat between us. Figuring out who was how far and how long and everything
  18. Well.. I saw ur posts and OutdoorTurtle's post on dilly's wall alot
  19. And i heard ur wall arts r awesome 