Toast's Guide to Quests

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Toast, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. People are attracted to edible stuff...

    lol... toast...
  2. Lol toast and ice cream...
  3. hum dee dum

    *trips* and *BUMPS*
  4. tmh said he like it!
  5. Toast, can you make a guide concerning toast?
  6. Tmh? Where? And YES I think i will make a guide on toast.
  7. Seriously, where's tmh?
  8. Wow  Fantastic work Toast  Thank you so much!
  9.  everyones so impressed I figured it would be trolled and die. Thanks dev :)
  10. Hi dilly! I saw both of these next to each other and I'm thinking "someone must have bumped them. I bet it's dilly" lol
  11. Lol. We should think about combining them
  12. Thats what cow said. It would be a looonnggg post 
  13. Yeah. So was my Handbook
  14. Just as two parts? Or like certain quests certain places?
  15. Your post would come where my quest names/ numbers is along with quest mastery
  16. That'd be irritating to someone who wanted your part of the guide. Maybe stick a link at the top of the names? Additional to the names of course
  17. Great job to you Toasty and you as well Dilly. You both have far more patience than I do!!!