Toast's Guide to Quests

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Toast, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. yay!  <(•_•<)
  2. You got to help?!?! I've been told it was a secret for like a month!!!
  3. It was a secret. Dani was my original conspirator.
  4. 
  5. Needs a sticky
  6.  I never thought this would be so important
    thanks gods
  7. Welcome man, this deserves it, I was going to do it long ago but I didn't have the strength
  8. Copy/pasts works wonderfully for it
  9. Especially for bbcode. It's just ANNOYINg typing [ and ] on idevice
  10. Great guide!! I think if you and dilly combined your guides it would be the ultamite guide on questing!!
  11. I put a link to his in mine
  12. Yep, do you have any ideas on another guide? I might be able to help with any more you make if you do make more
  13. And if we combined ours into one threads it would be a SHABLA long post lol
  14. Nope no more plans. Most needed ones have either been done or are being done or other people could do them better. I love questing though and I was bored.
  15. Dilly I'll bump spam yours if you bump spam mine
  16. ♫Bump♫

  17. I seriously never dreamed it'd be this popular lol