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  1. Well said harb. Apocalypse runs on nothing.
  2. So is the war over now?

  3. LOL DED
  4. Nice war apoc; u kept it classy; best of luck for future
  5. Apoc don’t do classy. They do whatever it takes to win and that’s breaking ToU.
  6. This officially is the end of Zaft.

    Harbs eternal war ends in his crying for a CF. Well done.
  7. Thanks for a epic war. Respect too y'all that hit back. Best of luck in the game zafties.
    Will miss terror stripping your mids thou. Well on to new adventures.

    Shout out to -arien- best paying hansel ever  and cannonbolt I had a blast exchanging hits with ya.
  8. fail
  9. Aint seen laoda since gaw days  think i still have him, tank and code leaders on palringo
  10. Hahaha I remember this thread
  11. I thought necro bumps were silencing material...
  13. Unless relevant
  14. Please lock this thread
  15. Before you do let it be known, there are a lot of players very disappointed in this decision!
  16. Lol
  17. Lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.