To war clan calamity members and warlord

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  1. Weeks ago I was a probie at this clan and hit gem for goth.calamity then stripped me three times which I caught in time.they want half my charms for CF and forums post and members walls posted which is not gonna happen. This clan is trying to extort players out of charms. not paying them anything. A peaceful resolution is evidently not I'm at war indefinitely, losing or not it doesnt matter not gonna let them do this to someone else.or me .

  2. Sooooooooo you new to kaw or something? This is nothing new 😂
  3. Well, you gave them a forum post, so they've already 33% won
  4. Support. Bunch of bullies. Let me know if you need help bruh, I'll post "protected" on your wall for half your charms.
  5. No support.
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  6. Ahahahahahaa dead🤣
  7. I heard all mods are children of Satan. This is not public accusation or anything. Jesus told me so he is my Mexican neighbor
  8. Support. Fight the good fight.
  9. Any1 got any Tuzla?