to those that wronged me

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  1. Support. Exterminate them and steal their women.
  2. Support OP. Finally some PVP. Its sad when THIS is what has become "pvp updates". :lol:
  3. @Dragon-king lol it's a war game, shut up and hit back. Don't get a clan to help farm ONE PERSON

    @Ironmaiden you don't know how to fight. I wouldn't be talking if I were you.
  4. Dragon king and tom ill be visiting your nf soon have fun playing p
  5. In your original post, you said that you were going after people that cheated and manipulated their way through KaW. Then in another post you went on to say that you were going after people that wronged you. Please if you are going to act all big and mighty and try to beat people stick to what you originally said.
  6. SI spread your wings and flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  7. Support for the pvp. No support for the small guys on the thread that are acting tough. #dragonking.
  8. Support, this is prime
  9. Support, if you are wronged only way to go is to get justice by any meand .
  10.  that's chubby when hot on the trail of some hot chubby honeys 
  11. GL in your mad farming session OP.
  12. Go get 'em!!

    Support to Si, kick some butt!!
  13. Support
    This is what Kaw is about
  14. Full support ... pm me if you need anything Simon.
  15. Love it mate, good on ya ! 

  16. si bro i think ik who ur going for hmu i wana help