to those that wronged me

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  1. I wanna be like you when I'm done
  2. Pleiades SB 0d:24
  3. Wow their are a lot of trolls
  4. This dude is a expert at scouting ! Lol. Best farmer I ever met si
  5. Dtw atk. Spies 0d..... Wanna go I more than happy to. I'll stick an alt on you if needs be
  7. I'm with SI !!!
  8. I would shush... You think I care about your crappy towers troll????
  9. No support
  10. Shut up Omar 
  11. Renee wanna show in my news more??? Dtw atk spies 0d:41
  12. Fite me irl, op, i have a spoon and im not afraid to use it
  13. Hey bro. My troops regenerate every 5 mins. Think you can handle that ??? You be slacking !
  14. Pleiades spies p:48 atk dtw

    Omar... Irl.... My arms are made of matchsticks... You know that bro... Too tough for you 
  15. I will light them on fire, then slap you with a salmon.
  16. I hate samon... Anything smelling of fish is bad..... So many things I could say 
  17. GUYS! his weakness is fish!
  18. Op has a weakness. I win