To the pines and all involved

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  1. The Pines who?
  2. Took you two posts?

    Who are you btw?
  3. @ DRAGON-CODE, good to see your guys carrying on some Evil traditions ️
  4. I maintain that these pine people sounds like losers
  5. 
  6. God I love it when cf threads turn into a slug fest between other people. This is the kaw I remember and love. #MAKEKAWGREATAGAIN
  7. Lol, this gilly is nothing but a nub
  8. Stop typing and get back to your zimmerframe old geezer!!
  9. I love ppl who think their mistakes can be magically erased with a simple “I’m sorry”. How about you think twice before being a prick?
  10. *Laugh*
  11. This
  12. They aren’t magically erased. Everyone knows what they did Plus it’ll keep them from doing it again.
  13. This thread is literally topkek.

    I mean, at least there’s still a war culture in this game, but this is literally the most snowflake reason of all time to start one.

  14. I'm EB fairy and respect OP for owning his mistake disrespecting the ladies
  15. Apparently we’re not “phrasing anymore”