To the pines and all involved

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  1. Whats wtong with hitting on women in kaw?
  2. There’s a difference between hitting on a woman and being disrespectful about it. Also most women want to just play the game and not be hit on. What kind of loser are you that the only way you can pick up a woman is on a game. And if you feel that every woman here is wanting advances made towards them, You need to grow up.

    Side note. He is apologizing to the women of Pines for his actions towards them.
    Gilly239 is the farmer he’s asking a cf to. Unfortunately some of you are dense and can’t read.
  3. Guess carpet crunchers play kaw too guys. This one sounds like the butch one
  4. This guy is so right. You should take a leaf out of his book and do what he does and stick to Grindr.

  5. Yes, thank you for saying that.

  6. Please stop assuming and mansplaining what the women of kaw want .. That's sexist noob, I happen to know that most women on kaw would love to be hit on for the first time.
  7.  Shots fired.
  8. Big ol vegan. Lol why mith up when your so big?? *shrugs*
  9. Did you even look at what mith spell I have on lol...unholy aura...helps with strips and doesn't actually affect stats. Noobs nowadays smh.
  10. Unlike you I actually have a brain. I know what you have. I was stating that cause your just a bluff. YOU know better.
  11. Well you asked why mith when you are big which implied I didn't need the stat boost from this spell. However what you failed to notice (due to you being a noob) is that the spell isn't for a stat boost. Meaning that both your last comment and this one are completely invalid and quite frankly embarrassing.
  12. I have a brain but that's besides the point, you need to use yours more. Making a mistake once is fine, making it twice is a sign of stupidity.
  13. Coming from the biggest noob I've seen in kaw...tell everyone with your stats how much supposedly stripped for?? Just so we can laugh. Plus you failed.
  14. You can't have seen much then, hiding away in the corner of kaw for 6 years. And 1.5t was a temperature check so to speak. I'll grab the rest later
  15. Keep thinking what you want to think. I'm ten steps ahead of ya. Lol away for 6 years. How did you figure that out??
  16. Ten steps ahead haha you wish. Anyways you'd need 100 steps to stand a chance.
  17. Sounds like a lot of HOOPLA!!! big for nothing. Your just an airhead. YOU don't hit can't stay can't trash block accounts....what do you play for??
  18. Why should I hit ebs? Pvp way more fun. I thought that with the 6 year badge you'd understand that but I guess not.

    I can strip and you'll be seeing more of that soon.

    As I've said, I'm not pinned. Besides you are too small for me so you can't know. Quit speaking of things you know nothing of.

    And yeah I block accounts, people have a tendency to change name to run away in fear. Blocking gives me a perm link

    Edit: I play to see noobs like you and those at Pines whine and moan and make fools of yourself. It's fun.
  19. Lol cf threads are still a thing ?