To the people warring as PS in ASW

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -hippy, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Are you planning as warring as a PS for ASW?

    Do people have ss of ur Allies (prob yes)

    Will you be inactive for any period of time during the war times of ASW?

    If yes to all 3. Plz plz plz either swap out ur allies and keep em hidden or don't complain when you get stripped ty
  2. Tbh there is 2 camps on opening a PS up.

    One side thinks its underhanded aka cheat.
    The other side says hide the allies and be on the ball. If inactive then heh why enter war?

    My take is its war and ppl enter to war and do their best. Its on the individual ALWAYS. Too cheap to use mith or think oneself is special doesn't cut it with me if taking the risk.
  3. I agree it's the individuals fault as the opposition is just doing what's best for them to win.

    At the same time it does suck that one team can be screwed over by one person.
  4. If not in to win it and leave themselves open to allies bought and not prepared for it still falls on the individual. PS r nasty IMO but r also not absolved of all responsibilities. Build is choice.

    He chose poorly - aka don't play dumb lol
  5. if a player is in the top 10,000 on the lb they should have at least a very basic knowledge of the game's mechanics, including the risk of warring as a ps. As far as I am concerned if a ps account leaks during the ASW it is intentional.
  6. Personally, I'd think doing asw as a ps would be boring. But if it's your cup of tea, it's on you to make sure you don't leak as hippy and others have noted.

    But I'm sure someone during this asw will war as a ps and leak. Intentional or not, it's bound to happen.

    At the least, it'll be great entertainment for the spectators like me, not so great for the leaking side. The 3rd asw had a pretty memorable end to round 1 because of a leaky ps. The forums were buzzing with bh. I wouldn't be surprised if that guy is still getting farmed.
  7. Leaking as a PS is intentional. Those claiming stupid made no effort. Giving them an excuse is rather amusing but is nonsense also.

  8. Actually was on the winning side of that asw and the guy was Hansel the whole war til last 30min we waited til last 10min and stripped and made comeback. Was it intentional I have no clue, but it was epic and did make quite a buzz lol
  9. I believe 1. You may war as you like. 2. If your inactive devs should basically give out a broken sword to said persons and prevent them from warring for a loner period of time for being inactive. Being said enjoy asw and do as you see fit..