To the Lists! The 3-Day Jousting Tournament

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, May 19, 2015.

  1. Okay devs come out and speak for yourself. I want to ask you a question.
    Why this event sucks?
  2. @Battlefield

    Because it's a test of the new event system, and I believe of PvP hit range mechanics. This is no full fledged event, as the lack of equip and very short duration (compared to past ones), should attest.

    Why do you suck? Sorry  And yes, I suck more, as my stats attest.
  3. O snap not opted in guy/girl got jokes lol

  4. I'm one of those barely active, tiny, curmudgeonly old 5 year players (check the badge if you must). Joking is all I have left... 

    Also, it was more meant as a slight jab to his loaded question. Not anything against him as a player. Save your popcorn for the ZAFT/Apoc OSW thread. That's good reading.
  5. Do I GAF about you?
  6. Anyone know the main to the idiot lilsoldierlay?
    Chump seem to want to play an I only use nobility on mains, not lil scrub holiday warriors.
  7. Does it matter if you care about me? You put a question on a public forum, though admittedly directed at the devs, and I answered, being part of the public. Ignore me if you want.
  8. I think if you look deep with in yourself...

    Oh, that was a rhetorical question.
  9. Not bad. Very smartass, thank you for your answers I shall take note on what you just said.
  10. Fix this god Damn event I get hit with less than 10% troops and get hit by ppl over double my stats
  11. How do u Attack?
  12. It won't help. They will be dtw
  13. They should cut this crap short
  14. They need to do something I'm tired of getting hit with maybe 10% troops or spies
  15. Only thing I'd change is being able to see the lb. That would make things real interesting for lb as everyone would be hitting them to hopefully get more roses(or what ever item is for event)
  16. My only complaint is ranges r way off. I have 11m att n top equip n failed an att on ps1 alt wearing trash equip

    Other than that devs i think the event is great. I think all pvp need to be this short. Also i love how stealable but there is safe numbers. Dont listen to all the complaining on this thread devs️
  17. I love the new event page! Being able to access your own rank ! Outstanding! Adding equip. Tosyats and hit percentage has made it more interesting and challengeing! Keep up the great idideas!
  18. I Will bump the range's are way off claim, im 60m cs and i can hit/steal 17mcs. They mostly dont have Bfa/Bfe and find themselfs getting slaughtered by gh/"Sh" if theres still any of those around. Talking with a fallow clannie through an idea around this, as it happens across the board with guys 5-10 times bigger then them, myself speaking generally in Bfa ect... So the idea is to run an event like a primal war where its just "Base stats". No Bfe ,No Bfa. If you opt in to that event everyone knows what there hitting and what there getting themselfs into. Also, prior Event notice would be nice aswell as at the start of this event, put me 24xstal behind everyone else that joined in, As i just Used 4 seals to open 4 htes for another land and then found myself locked from using anymore xstals for a further 24 hours (a day/night) late. Nice job on the Event page and the check in personal ranks feature ect. I feel it ads a nice touch and a step forward to adding to the graphics of the game.
  19. If I'm pinned how come peeps can still rob me
  20. So... all in all i like this event.

    however the base tier rewards are ridiculous. only ones hitting 25 will be top 10.

    top 500 will be lucky to hit 10 at this rate. for a week or 2 event, sure. for a 3 day event, no.