To the Devs

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  1. I just want to thank devs for their wonderful efforts by giving this building tokens. Keep up the good work :) hope you come up with more ideas that will make KaW great again.
  2. They said thanks for your money, keep buying crystals

  3. I dont spend real Money here. Why you people keep complaining at everything?
  4. This is their business. This is what they make for a living. They're not forcing you to spend your hard earned pennys. It's really up to their players who want make their Kaw career easier
  5. Thats complaining? Wow pretty funny :lol:

  6. I said "You people" im not just talking about you.
  7. Yeah because so many people have commented :?
  8. This is the reason why im afraid to post ideas i have in mind on forums :(
  9. Forums has already gone crap, its just a game man. Lighten up
  10. Dont you want to make a change? Contribute to the society?
    I know there is goodness in you too.
  11. Don't mind the general sarcasm/toxicity that has built up in the community, especially the forums. We have a cynical way of viewing the game, as many of us have been playing for years, and see the inevitable end of this game we once dearly loved. We enjoy mocking the devs and their development choices, but deep down still (at least partially) love KaW and, maybe to a lesser extent, ATA.

    It's hard to be positive on forums nowadays, as people often don't share the same sentiment. But, you do you and let the trolls / sarcastic forumers leave their comments (honestly I probably would have left a very similar comment as him).
  12. To clarify, I'm down with Devils comment/humor, just want to let you know that most forumers don't have malicious intent. It's just the way we are.
  13. This made me sad :(
  14. I appreciate that this game it's still around so that's something. They gave up on FC which made me sad. But hey At least it appears they are making an effort with this game to keep player base. So support for that

  15. Flame, if you don't try to post you will never know what could happen. You speak of change, but your scared of what ppl may think.
    I'm down to make that change but let's face it all the good ideas have been taken... :/
    Just don't let it stop you from doing you. Eventually you'll get more comments in due time. I believe in you:)

    <3 Always <3

  16. Thank you :)
    Hope to see more of your ideas that can make Kaw better

  17. Thanks Ninja
  18. Theres a reason why im like this, its comical to me. Its the way i like to play and comment. I just want to ask you, when was the last time the devs implemented something that made sense? Ill let you ponder that.

    Anywho, this app is for PvP. Im just trying to get people to play it the right way. ;) (i enjoy dark humor, especially after drinking)
  19. People have their on way playing this game. Me, i just like interacting with players and exchanging of thoughts