To the Devs....Nice job on the Fatesands!

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  1. I wanted to start a thread to congratulate the devs on a job well done on the new Fatesands lands.

    In every aspect of the new lands, from land and building costs, stats, plunder increases and accessibility, the devs have hit the mark. I think some recognition is due for what is clearly the best major update to the game I've seen since I started playing. Credit where credit is due.


    I'll detail my reasons below, but first:

    Those who know me know that I've been playing a long time, coming up on my 9 year badge and having started when T3 were the biggest buildings around and thre were only lowlands. I've seen every set of new lands come out, pws come and go, the introduction of Ebs, mith, charms, the EE system and everything in between. I've been selectively critical in forums over the years in forums, not being one to curse and yell at the devs or threaten to rage quit, or even feel it worthwhile to post at all. But over the years my feelings toward changes have ranged from quite negative to lukewarm, with the greatest disappointment coming at the introduction of charm system. I've never been a dev fanboy.

    It's actually a huge shame that charms remain a terrible addition to the game, that charms needed to be capped after so many spent lots of real money building them up only to have them rendered relatively worthless, and they necessitated the early introduction of new lands to deal with the huge inbalance in strength created by charms compared to build stats.

    But the new lands are awesome!

    Here's why:


    The early lands are more accessible at relatively smaller prices than ever before. Lands can be bought by relatively small players deep into the land set. The use of crestplates is well-structured so that it doesn't take that many crestplates to build up buildings through the early stages of Ugs where most of the cs for the buildings resides.

    This means that for a large majority of players in the mid stages of their builds from previous lands, fatesands are very much accessible and can be initially developed at relatively low cost and effort. The last lands and levels will remain a challenge with their cost being so prohibitive that it will require long term activity and/or spending to reach them, if they're ever worth building. This will serve to separate the biggest players from the smaller ones.

    Also, the lower cost of the lands, along with the availability of crestplates means that gold can be usefully spent on allies rather than making ally trading something that only makes sense once one has reached bc. It's good for the overall health of the game to encourage much wider participation in the ally market as a way to diversify the gaming experience.


    Overall, the stat increases from old bc to new bc are on a par with previous lands more or less. What is new is that there is no longer a cs “penalty” for building towers. Finally, towers offer the same total cs as troop and spy buildings. This encourages better war builds since fewer total building will need to be devoted to towers to achieve the same defensive effect compared to previous lands.


    The plunder increases on Ebs are lower than on previous land sets. The biggest builds have less of an advantage in terms of total plunder, both on pvp plunder and plunder on Ebs. This keeps wars more competitive, and prevents big builds from running away from the pack as quickly by dropping tons of seals. This is good for the long term health of the game, both for growing towards the final lands and levels (which can't be uged with crestplates) and keeping the ally market relatively stable.

    Case study: Wars

    The top tier Indy wars of all sorts have made the above benefits apparent. In past land releases, wars have been ruined as a few players got to BC and ally LB early and completely dominated the war circuit, while smaller builds got left behind and were forced to dive bomb the one or few big builds that dominated. This style of war was fun for exactly no one.

    Now, the top builds in cr are all reasonably even, without just one player completely dominating. But the real diffrence can be seen in the mid range of the roster and the smaller players in the top bracket. They have actually closed the gap on the bigger players given the accessibility of fatesands lands and Ugs. Most of the serious players in wars have built up their towers quickly to the point where they aren't all food for the biggest members of a roster or forced to dive. Further, the plunder of mid and smaller warriors can make a difference to the final tally rather than just using their bars as bomb fodder.

  2. I was skeptical at first with the value of lcbc being in the range of 330Q. I have to agree this land set is well thought out and making it one of the best in my opinion.
  3. I also appreciate how the fate crestplates can drop from Ebs, making activity or actually participating in events past goal worth it. In the past I would hit the last goal with more than a week to spare, and then just leave the game for a week. Overall I enjoy it. Plus like I can finally grow faster. Deepmine is a pain in my butt rn
  4. Fatesands plates when?
  5. Only big criticism I have is that it once again altered the game away from clan loyalty towards mb hopping. Even people with homes spend most of their time out of Clan if they’re allowed, or they disaffiliate in some cases. Otherwise yes I think this is one of their better lands, way better than hell itself, osmon rai
  6. Good work gol, all very valid and supported points you made. It is painfully clear that devs dropped the ball on the whole charm bit, they wasted many people’s time and money( fortunately only money I spent was selling seals) something I no longer do, or buy for personal use, due to the devs wasting so much of my time.

    But this layout your provided about me lands and all was spot on and appreciated, this is a great piece for the community to review.

  7. I agree, the fact that f2p players have a very fair and real chance at these new lands without needing to be most of the way through Deepmines makes me very happy
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  9. Great thread.
  11. Appreciate if the other lands mechanics are changed as well. Osmon Rai a pain in the ass
  12. The Devs still SUCK
  13. Definitely great thread..
    Its proof that those that think before they speak can accomplish great things.also major support, overall concept is great .ty devs
  14. And yet, here you are with your soul still sold out for