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  1. This forum is for the devs .
    I doubt they check these ever.
    But here it goes....

    What would make kaw easier for new players?

    The tutorial
    Someone had to say it. The tutorial only touches a few things. But this is not what we are going to talk about.
    I believe the tutorial should be a walk through with a developer or voice actor talking about the basics of kaw through video. Then going ahead and letting players interact or skipping the tutorial.

    - Looking over the start of kaw.
    - The starter tutuorial aspects of teaching players kaw needs redone.
    The way the tutorial is now it only teaches players how to build in lowlands.
    - New players need to be taught how to unlock lands through tutorial.
    - Max plunder and allies need to be explained in tutorial.
    -Silver bars/ trader tokens need to be explained through tutorial
    - Making sure new players know this is a tap tap game.
    - A tutorial on joining clans/ hitting ebs/ and rewards for hitting ebs need explained as new players don't understand any of it.

    More free lands
    I think new players should have Lowland, Highlands, Hoarfrost, And 10 abyss lands unlocked.

    Starter clans
    This idea comes out of pimd.
    With most clans running noth and goth, I believe starter clans will help new players understand the events and help them grow.
    Most players in kaw now don't run smaller ebs and there are maybe 15 active small clans to grow small players bigger.

    Kaw needs new players to keep the game running.
    Advertisement of kaw is needed.
    - A few third party apps to advertise on
    - Facebook/Tiktok/youtube/instagram
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  2. KAW need to clean up a lot of inactive players on the app. They should develop say a great -yellow-red icon to show how active a player is to help determine if you want to buy this plAyer as a ally.
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  3. There are a lot of smaller clans out there if you look
  4. It would be great to have some transparency with the user acquisition efforts. The investment back into the community is critical.
  5. Why not just save all the hassle of tapping and make all new players BC with 100q in allies and 100b in charms far less hassle than all the awful tap tap tapping away like most have done! Stop your whining and get tapping !
  6. Thresher the point your trying to make doesn't make sense at all. What's the point of giving new players lands, or charms, or builds or anythinget when the whole point of the game is to make your kingdom grow and be stronger and better then it was the day before? The game is about growing and your journey in getting a good build, let's face it only a few are ever going to be lb players, the players in that position now wasn't given anything as a starter were they? And so they can be proud of their achievements cos they earned them, not given them. And as far as caring for the game and it's players nobody is as passionate as Monkey, he cares for new and old players alike, he shares not just advice but also charms and furniture, I'm sure I speak for a lot of ppl still in this game when I say myself and many others are only here now because of him, he helps all, old and new, without his advice and help I wouldn't be playing kaw today, he helped me understand it's not just a tap tap game like many think, and I for one owe my build down to him and my patience in learnine the game, not down to the devs for giving it me for free, it's not the destination it's the journey! Monkey should be made a valiant knight. Thank you for all you've done monkey, both you and the devs should be proud of your achievements.