To the Developers and KaWmunity

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  1. Yeah man, I saw your thread on your silencing and it seems quite unfair and targeted. Followed by the fact that they locked your thread without explanation. Seems as if you’re in their crosshairs, bud.

    Don’t let it get you down, brother. Take some joy in the fact that their revenue is wayyyyyy down.

  2. What's with the sig at the end?

    Is this legit?


    Kasama /lmao
  3. I haven't seen people use forum sigs since worms.

  4. I’ve been playing this game since 2010 

    If I wanna use a sig, I can, no matter how dated it is. 

    And yes, it is legit

  5. Take it from someone from 2010 and vastly more forum experience. No one in KaW Forums uses signatures... Unless maybe for the rare op sig.
  6. #2legit2Quit

  7. Have you gotten an answer yet bella ?? They’ve seen your thread.
  8. Nope. I’m surprised a mod or Jean for that matter didn’t tell me to send in a ticket. Haha. Still waiting. If they’ve seen it, they clearly don’t care about answering. It is the weekend, but I work weekends too, so that’s no excuse.
  10. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Belladonna. We'll bring this up with our team and will discuss how we can consistently provide unique and awesome art to keep everyone excited! It is our goal to make furnishings (and other items) that our players desire.
  11. Was it necessary to quote the OP if you’re responding to it?
  12. When will there be an updated KaW fun pack and when are you going to allow us to directly drop pictures in forums?
  13. Thanks for responding, Winston. Glad to hear you will look into it. It is minor, but definitely noticeable. :)
  14. Now you can address what new and fun things you plan to bring to kaw other than a new p2w eb. :)
  15. Why all the fuss about furniture? You should be just sweeping n vacuum the thing,when you finished.. I'll have a jam sammich