To the Developers and KaWmunity

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  1. Hey, just an observation regarding graphics and reuse of image codes. :)

    Recycle Much?

    So, I know you guys recycle a lot for these events and use the same codes. But is there any way you can not use the same emblems or images on furnishings? Last events carpet emblem is the same as this new events carpet. Here’s the proof:

    Last Event Carpet:

    This Event Carpet:


    Graphics should match the event. As in this case, it’s the swordfish event. You have a swordfish banner, why not the carpet? Do I dare ask for my 39 nobs back or should I just accept this graphic error?
  2. I like RuneScape - Bella is lit and is right and me muffin top is not on top
  3. Thanks, I am lit right now. :) But this error irks me. I guess it’s just because I’ve been collecting carpets.
  4. I think it's keeping with the "vigonia" region theme. We get a dog instead of a swordfish pet for that same reason, which is a comment I've seen a few times.
  5. No one likes eating sorry seeing the same “carpet” freshen it up already..... and damn shave it down some
  6. Lmao !!
  7. Bella the devs are not interested in game upgrades...they rather post on “what books they read” thread. You have certain mods targeting and harassing players, war system collapsing, and now old carpet....what they really should be doing is writing and reading code.

    DND = Do Nothing Devs

    Get your friggin house in order ATA.

    Fully support this thread !!
  8. One of the devs is on right now, ATA Caster. Doubt they’ll respond to this though.
  9. Dummies still gonna drop a ton of cash for this event regardless so ata doesn’t care
  10. If that’s the case, why isn’t the banner the same way? The banner has a swordfish on it.
  11. See here, the banner has a swordfish. Why not just keep with the theme like every past event? Is this their way of saying “Hey, we changed something. It’s not exactly the same.”, Thrawn?


  12. Duh they arent the same. The shade of red is different and the details around the edges are different. So it has a similar s print in the middle big deal,
  13. #Freethefish


    AtA are actually really sustainable :thinking:

    go green guys :mrgreen:
  15. Screw the green

  16. Lol Dom it’s hilarious to see you flaming the mods and devs ever thread 
  17. They’re not “similar” prints, they’re the exact same print. :/
  18. Caedis it’s the lack of interest from the devs that just frustrates me. Like they are trying to pull a fast one on us. Backed by the mods to keep the players that speak up down. Silence them.

  19. Carpet should match the drapes ...I mean the banner, they should match the banner 
  20. ...actually I prefer no carpet at all just a smooooooth shiny marble floor 