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  1. So, here I am again. Not butt hurt, oh no no no! But rather discussing a rather...bigger mather. Nwo_killernumber_nwo allowed me a CF, when I asked for a term he have me the cold shoulder.

    So, I approched another NWO friend of mine
    He, nwo_head-honcho_nwo, competly blamed and blamed me calling me an OSW coward. I felt hurt, a friend...just gone..

    But no matter! For today is the time for rejoice! After some cheer from a great clan member, I decided rather not to quit KaW, but rather give these "warriors" who gang up on small people, a taste of their own medicine!

    So I, za_killer, will be taking on NWO
    Feel free to hit some NWO members or join the fight, because where's there is a coward, there is an inner warrior.
  2. I agree they should totally hit us for you insulting killer, running from the OSW, and then being a butt hurt noob.
  3. It wasn't an osw. It was a 1v1 which he wanted out of, it was unfairly started I believe too. Just because half your clan is on it's period, doesn't mean anyone else should get sprayed with your vaginal blood. Yes? Yes.
  4. Sounds sorta like a rather legnthy open farm lol but thats just my opinion.
  5. He was given new cf terms his choice on hitting me and posting this. Obviously that's not PVP when he wants NWO involved
  6. Let me please rephrase your CF terms
    Drop 2 FFA SEALS ORR...

    Hire tons of allies worth half a tril
  7. You mean it isn't 1v1? NOW you could call it osw.
    A very small osw. But he hasn't backed down yet from this one. He's all for it. Sounds to me like a couple of your members are young teenage girls having their first period, spitting the funny and you're trying to cover that up.
  8. Ha... With those cf terms mate, smack em red. Noobs will always be noobs.
  9. I'm curious what the terms NWO put in place
  10. Sorry photo app isn't working can't resize, but this OSW he ran from was vs Ride or Die. I have the ss of him even crying that killer was hitting him and he wanted my help to stop killer.
  11. Yes I did :) I'm an eb noob, but so is the rest of your clan, don't call yourselves Warriors if you can't even return fire pal
  12. A.L.L H.O.P.E I.S.G..O.N.E is htting new world order for a member that's no longer in the clan for picking on a smaller kaw player when told to stop the member kept doin so. A.L.L H.O.P.E I.S.G..O.N.E does not susport internet bullies or clans that harbor internet bullies. 3 players vrs clan so far only inc I gotton has been some fail assins and some inc from unreal tamara is just a wall warrior by her walls most likely a eb fairy crying for friends ty1675 prob some motard lookin for attention. all osw warriors welcome here we don't run ebs to self pin on but we run em for show
  13. Aww, yes, I'm an eb noob, so is the rest of your clan

    Leave me a link honcho, or too scared?
  14. OP is really a stand up guy!

    *pukes in mouth
  15. Yes, I'm an eb fairy, so is the rest of your clan
    Leave me a link honcho, and I'm sure a PS can do better than SB an atk build
  16. Aww no. Sorry for the double post, lagged made it so I couldn't see if I posted em :l
  17. @L
    all you had to do was hit me, you will get your fair share of hits no doubt.
  18. Can I play with NWO also?
  19. Go ahead :) Everyone is welcome
  20. head honcho all your member had to do was stop picking on a smaller kaw player but continued to do so now heres your cease fire terms:TERMS FOR CF REQUEST FOR NWO ALL MEMBERS MUST DROP NWO TAGS.. ALL ADMINS PLUS OWNER MUST POST MY WALL TELLING ME HOW MUCH THEY LOVE UNICORN ROLE PLAY PLUS A RESET FROM A ACCOUNT OVER 8MILLCS