To KotFE Members Who We Stripped ~ Thread for CF

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by PurpleRenamed, Dec 24, 2015.

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  1. And I don't see the relevance OF your post....
  2. I didn't find this legitimate even before seeing purple was in clans with them. The cf itself is just propaganda.
  3. There's a yugioh card called ceasefire it's really wired doesn't stop attacks and flips monster face up and dealing damage what a great ceasefire
  4. I'm sorry you can't follow the ball
  5. Conspiracy theories and paranoia go hand in hand Terra.
  6. Mary she's got a little bit of somethin god it's better than nothin
  7. #freedonno

    Donno loves sdt btw
  8. Donno never used to like towers
  9. Very true.... He's changed
  10. Lol But Kotfe does the same thing, I find them a little hypocritical now.
  11. That's not the point. The point is that Kotfe has the power to pin your ass if you do it against them. It's not their fault the OP lacks the McNuggets to defend himself after doing a EE war strip.

    If the OP doesn't want to make a cf thread, he should xstal and hit back. Unfortunately, he's a wimp who tries to act big in the forums like Fury does.
  12. Amen.

  13. 

  14. Maddy, wasn't fury part of apoc at one time?
  15. Not sure how this reflects bad on Kotfe. They won the war, didn't they? The whole purpose for stripping in EE in the first place is because you think it will help you win, which the OP didn't.

    Apparently the zaft player convinced them to strip, which is fine because he's in OSW against Apoc and fighting back is what he's supposed to be doing. Kudos to him. The other members too daft to realize they were being manipulated by a Zaftie probably deserved to be smacked around and pinned after the war.

    So basically a Zaftie convinced some noobs to pull a strip for them that failed. Explain to me , then, why so many in Fury are wetting themselves over it. Surely that's not the best you can do.
  16. As I have heard you said strip if you have the ppl who will defend you. How about when a WarLor member stripped a Clan A member in ee war? Alliance doesn't matter in ee war? As I saw that happen a day or two ago in ee war.
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. Yea bud. As I've eluded to earlier in this thread
  18. Warlor stripped cr too the only repercussion was fonzy going off his head
  19. Whats ya point chucky? Fury loves to war and kotfe made apoc ask zaft for cf in the first war, so we left.

    While we're running down memory lane chucky remember That fateful day when I picked a fight with ig.... And ya buddy yarmes organised cf while I slept

    Such a shame, with apoc's firepower and Fury's balls it coulda been something great but you were scared of ig Lololol scared of ig

    Between that, begging Zaft for cf in the first war and ya mate Krally took offence to a "secret leaders room" which we all know is just kotfe pulling the strings, is why Fury left.

    Now I can safely say Fury has warred Mosta Kaw, can apoc say the same? Apart from zaft apoc only warred weaker clans and alliances aots lasted how long? A week?

    Now that Krally is kotfe has he made it into the super secret war room that twicc is in? Hahahaha
  20. In all honestly from being a bystander in this thread this making me think that Kotfe is getting the credit for "destroying" Zaft. That apoc is not a main part of their alliance. Very interesting read
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