To KotFE Members Who We Stripped ~ Thread for CF

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  1. To KotFE Members Who We Stripped

    ~ To start with, I know some people will get a good kick reading this, but oh well.
    ~ Our team stripped KotFE in LL war because they were all PS1 roster, and didn't have allies hidden.
    ~ So because of this a special someone (Yeah badboy I mean you ;) ) decided to, let's say for arguments sake to "convince us all" to go along with this plan. (Like he wouldn't strip them anyway, he's Zaft).
    ~ KotFE target our roster
    ~ I was asked to create this for my CF request (Yup noobs like me need to ask for these to be able to grow)

    What We Did Wrong That I Urge You to Not Do:
    ~ Listen to Badboy
    ~ War with anyone Zaft related as it could cause you trouble (Sorry, but it really could cause trouble :) if something happens )
    ~ Strip KotFE. I highly recommend it if you want to just become a punching bag! (This is sarcasm, DONT actually go and strip KotFE it is a very bad idea.)

    ~ I formally apologise to the 15 members in that war, whom may or may not have been stripped (I don't remember how many people actually got stripped), and to any other member(s) involved or disgruntled by this.
    ~ We lost anyway so there was absolutely no point in doing it.
    ~ Badboy is an Ass for causing this.
    ~ Feel free to mock me for making this thread; may as well give you permission for what people will do anyway. :)

    Sidenote: Sorry if any of the BBCode messes up! :/ this is my first time ever making a thread before.
  2. Cf granted

    Merry xmas
  3. 5/10 didn't laugh
  4. 7.2/10 to much stripping
  5. Gayofte or acrap never strip during ee 
  6. Tbh not your fault. They should hide allies in war, everyone knows that
  7. Lmao if it was anyone but Kotfe people would be saying, "That's what they get for not hiding allies during war"
  8. Why would u ever ask them for a cf sad that u were bullied by coffee they can't fight 1v1
  9. Apoc has stripped me in ll wars before and this another time kotfe/warlor stripped in ll and got their ass whooped in war. :lol: :lol:

    It was a warlor member stripping a Clan A member. Was funny to see alliance doesn't matter in ee wars. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Lmfao. Did apoc write this for you? The wording is pure propaganda and insincere. Sarcastic at best.

    Furthermore, why does apoc need to get people to write CF? If they are dominating so much, surely they can handle it and don't need to simply sweep it away. Why not rip OP to shreds? How lame.
  11. So much butt hurt in one thread. Damn.
  12. Strip kotfe?  how could u ever think that was a good idea? Lmao.
  13. Thought there was a no gang banging rule?
  14. Gayofte? That doesn't even make any sense. Thinking isn't your strong suit Chubby, better stick to what you're good at. ??
  15. Wildly inappropriate use of emojis, especially coming from a mod. I was always told anything even remotely suggestive made with emojis was an offence.
  16. I can't see the emoji but I assume it's the water drops emoji.
  17. Kinda the point in fighting your way to the top, imo.
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