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  1. To each his own is what my pawpaw used to say when he wasn't dead and that exactly how I feel about kaw now. I'm gonna try to write this good cuz ALL YALL NEEDS TO READ IT!

    I see ppl post in WC like follow me if u don't like how kaw has become... And then u post on somebody's wall a invitation or something and then other ppl get on yur wall and gripe u out cuz they don't like u posting on somebody's ELSES wall and ALL KINDS of things like this happen on kaw! U can be just minding yur own business and ppl put u down for how u play kaw and my answer to ALL YALL is TO EACH HIS OWN and mind yur own dadgum business!
    I don't like to war or osw cuz I got the dyslexia and it makes numbers and letters jump around in my head like popcorn and I can't follow instructions good. So many ppl want me to war and osw but that's NOT why I'm here. I don't need to make war or make other ppl miserable to be happy. I like trying to do war bc i like being wwith the PPL and Em likes me to try bc it makes my head think. That why I even started on kaw. Em thought it would help my math and it actually has a little!

    MOSTLY i like being a eb fairy bcuz I can be with ppl and be with my friends. I don't have friends that live close by me and my cousins usu only come to our farm in the summer.
    A couple months ago I made a premium clan with my aunt and my friend bc so many times I saw friends on kaw say lime, I got 6 circles anybody else? But then not enough ppl in the clan had enough to do zta. So i made tso clan for all my friends and for new ppl to have a place to come play premium ebs and help them lvl up in events. But I think everybody who didn't have a pawpaw like mine came to my clan and burned it down. Ya, it made me cry rl and get mad and i even got real sick. Make fun of me if u want.. i don't care!

    Ppl say like, its a war game and they make fun of trading stuff too... Whatevs! Read history and learn about the RL silk road.. A trading route for ppl when lands was being fought over... And even in war there's places of peace where ppl get together to rest and get strong and thats what my eb fairy clan is for.
    If u luv kaw don't kill ppl DEAD and let ppl have their OWN fun to..pleassse... TO EACH HIS OWN.
    with luv from Donii

    And PS stop calling me a BOY.. ima girl!
  2. I'm not sure if this is meant to be satirical or if you're being serious.
    However, it seems like you're really upset over nothing, if you're so bothered by people bothering you, all you have to do is block them or ignore them.
    There's also too many premium eb clans in this game so it's pointless making more, but good luck on your eb clan, play kaw how you want to, enjoy yourself.
  3. To each there own! Play the game how you chose to play it that's what i do.You dont need to follow anybody's set rules and be a clone of them.You dont owe a explanation to anybody about why you do what you do.Too many power trippers on kaw trying to dictate how other's should play the game. Like if you dont follow the path of being a hardcore farmer then you are soft and you shouldn't be on here playing. You dont need to prove yourself to no one. Just do what makes you happy.
    I am only back on this game because i missed my clan and i like doing things as a team. My way of thinking now is been there done that done the pvp / osw kaw life. Now i take a backseat and take a quieter approach on kaw.And to hell with whatever anyone say's about me :- to each their own!! Keep staying unique Donii and not a sheep like many on kaw :) Great thread.
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  4. giddy up cowgirl
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  5. Stick it to em, Don
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  6. Thx yall for the support I appreciate very much! and to the first person I don't know what that means.. the satrical
  7. Support

    To Each his Own!
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  8. Take good care of yourself
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  9. Donii, I am proud of you. Even in a war game you find the heart to play and care about those around you. And yes, your math has improved. Always try your hardest to stay true to your ideals and do the right thing. No one can ask anything more of anyone.

    With love,
    Your Em
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